The Life & Health Division

Paul Lombardo, Director
Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Life & Health Division

The Life and Health division reviews all group and individual life, health and annuity insurance contracts delivered for issue in the state by licensed insurance companies and health care centers (HMO). The division also reviews all viatical settlement contracts offered by licensed viatical settlement providers. All contracts or policy forms must be approved by the department prior to their being offered for sale. The division reviews rate filings on HMO products, individual and small group health policies, group and individual long term care and Medicare supplement insurance.

The Life and Health division has general oversight over managed care processes. The division licenses utilization review companies and publishes a Consumer Report Card on Managed Care Organizations.

Calendar of Due Dates for Annual Filings to Life and Health Division

January 31
Certification for Health Insurance Carriers Administering plans for Professional Employer Organizations (Bulletin HC-61)
March 1
Certification of compliance for specified disease and limited benefit offerings (CT Gen. Stat. §38a-476(a))
Medicare Supplement Reporting (Reg. of CT State Agencies §38a-495a, App. B)
April 1
Annual Filing for Network Adequacy for Medical Plans (Public Act 16-205)
May 1
Managed Care Organization annual report & Part I of Report Card Survey (CT Gen. Stat. §38a-478c)
Annual Filing for Network Adequacy for Vision Plans (Public Act 16-205)
May 31
Medicare Supplement Refund Calculation (Reg. of CT State Agencies §38a-495a-10(b))
June 1
Annual Filing for Network Adequacy for Dental Plans (Public Act 16-205)
June 30
Long Term Care Reports (Reg. of CT State Agencies §38a-501-23&§38a-528-16)
Annual Loss Ratio Report for Specified Disease (Reg. of CT State Agencies §38a-505-13(b)(12) & §38a-513-1(b)(12))
July 1
Managed Care Organization Part II of Report Card Survey (CT Gen. Stat. §38a-478c(a)(1)(F))
October 1
Renewal application for utilization review license for Jan. 1 effective date
Annual Filing of Formularies (§38a-591(e) of the 2016 Supplement to and Sections §38a-481 and §38a-513 of C.G.S.)

Miscellaneous Filing Information