How do special services personnel from other countries apply for Connecticut certification?

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Applying for a special services certificate in Connecticut

To become certified, speech and language pathologists, school counselors, school psychologists, school marriage and family therapists, school social workers, school nurse-teachers, and school dental hygienist-teachers from other countries submit the forms and documentation listed below.

We will process your completed application in 2-3 months. During the review process, we’ll determine whether to issue an initial or provisional certificate.

1. Application Form

Complete the online or paper-based ED 170 application. Include your nonrefundable $50 application review payment.

IMPORTANT: We don’t accept personal checks. If you apply by mail, please pay with a cashier’s check, certified bank check, or money order made payable to: Treasurer, State of Connecticut.

2. Current Certification

Submit a copy of your valideducator certificate (temporary, emergency, or interim certificates will not be accepted).

3. Official Statements

Submit a completed and signed ED 125 - Statement of Preparing Higher Education Program or ED 126 - A Statement of Professional Experience based on your experience.

  • ED 125 is for recent graduates and people with less than 20 school months of successful service in the last 10 years under a valid certificate.
  • ED 126 is for people who have 20 or more school months of successful service in another state in the last 10 years under a valid certificate. You may obtain a higher level of certification known as an eight-year provisional educator certificate.

4. Official Transcripts

Transcripts from U.S. colleges and universities. You can either:

  • Mail us your official undergraduate and graduate transcripts
  • Have the university(ies) mail your transcripts to us or send your e-transcripts to

Transcripts from colleges and universities outside the U.S. Please work with one of the following companies to have your coursework evaluated for our final review:

IMPORTANT: We do NOT accept copies, scans, or email versions of forms requiring original signatures. We accept only original versions of forms with original signatures.




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