How do I apply for a Connecticut teaching certificate if I teach at a private school?

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Approved Non-Public School Educators Seeking CT Certification

If you are a private or non-public school educator in the State of Connecticut, you can apply for certification based on your experience.

Read more about Connecticut’s three-step certificate continuum and review the types of certificates issued by the Connecticut State Department of Education.

Applying for Certification

Applications for certification can be completed online using the Connecticut Educator Certification System (C.E.C.S.) or with a paper-based ED 170 application.

All applicants must submit an official undergraduate transcript.


  • Paper-based official transcript(s) with the degree and conferral date noted on the transcript can be mailed to the Bureau of Certification. Transcripts must be sealed in the envelope to be considered official.
  • Electronic transcripts can be sent directly from the university to

A statement of professional experience using the ED 126 form must be completed and signed by the superintendent, executive director, or school administrator verifying your experience.

Application Submission and Payment

Mail all required documents to the address noted at the top of each form.

  • If you complete your renewal application online, you can submit your payment by credit card.
  • If you choose to mail your application, acceptable payment forms (money order, cashier’s check, or certified bank check) and the mailing address are located at the top of the form.

The cost of the nonrefundable application review fee is $50. Once the Bureau of Certification has determined your eligibility for certification, you will be billed separately for your certificate.

Emailed or faxed paper-based applications and forms with signatures cannot be accepted.

Connecticut Certification Tests

As a non-public school educator applying for certification based on experience, you may be subject to Connecticut certification tests.

Due to the large volume of e-transcripts the Bureau of Certification receives daily, e-transcripts may occasionally expire before they are processed into your file. If possible, please submit a paper-based official transcript in a sealed envelope for review to avoid resubmission.

Laws and Regulations

Read more about the laws and regulations surrounding non-public teachers.


Please allow approximately 2-3 months after submitting your application for review. Once all required documentation has been received, determination of eligibility may take several months. All applications will be processed in the order by which they were submitted.


Private or Non-Public School Educators