Where are the forms to apply for a teaching certificate?

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Educator certification application forms


Your application will be reviewed more quickly if you click on the “Online” option, where available, and submit the application via the Connecticut Educator Certification System (CECS). All forms may also be downloaded and mailed to the address at the top of the form.




  • Please read all form instructions completely
  • Forms must have authentic signatures. Initials and stamps are not accepted.
  • We accept original forms only. Photocopies are not accepted.
  • Forms must be mailed to us. Do NOT return the form via e-mail or fax.
  • Pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes Section 10-221d, the State Board of Education must complete a criminal history records check on each applicant for the initial issuance or renewal of a certificate, authorization, or permit. Each applicant must also submit to a records check of the Department of Children and Families’ child abuse and neglect registry established pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes Section 17a-101k. Periodically, the State Board of Education is required to submit the database of all persons who hold any certificate, authorization, or permit for follow-up records checks.
For Individual Use


Educator certification application forms
Form Delivery Method
ED 125 Statement of Preparing Higher Education Institution
ED 126 Statement of Professional Experience
ED 170 General Application for Certificate
ED 170A Short Form Application for Connecticut Initial Educator Certificate
ED 172A Application for Initial Educator Certificate for Holders of Temporary 90-Day Certificates
ED 176A Application to Convert Standard or Permanent Certificate
ED 179 Application for Continuation of Professional Educator Certificate
ED 183 Application for Renewal of Connecticut Initial Educator Certificate
ED 184 Application to Remove Course Work Deficiency and/or Assessment Deferral
ED 185 Application for Five-Year Renewable Coaching Permit
ED 187 Request for Duplicate Certificate
ED 711 Verification of Out-of-State Educator Certification Tests
ED 712 Application for Military Spouse Teacher Permit


Districts:  Please use the forms on this page.