How do special services personnel in Connecticut apply for certification?

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Apply for your Connecticut special services certificate

Getting ready to apply? Please submit the forms and documentation listed below if you are a speech and language pathologist, school counselor, school psychologist, school marriage and family therapist, school social worker, school nurse-teacher, or school dental hygienist-teacher. 

We’ll process your completed application in 2-3 months. During the review process, we’ll determine whether to issue an initial or provisional certificate.

1. Application Form

Complete the online or paper-based ED 170 application. Include your nonrefundable $50 application review payment.

IMPORTANT: We don’t accept personal checks. If you apply by mail, please pay with a cashier’s check, certified bank check, or money order made payable to: Treasurer, State of Connecticut.

2. Speech and Language Pathologists only: CT Health License

All speech and language pathologists applying for certification must submit a copy of their valid Connecticut health license

3. Official Transcripts (Optional)

We recommend submitting your official transcript(s) so that we can add them to your permanent certification file. They will be required in the future if you want to advance to a higher-level certificate. We accept official transcript(s) two ways:

  • You or the university can mail it to us in its unopened original envelope
  • The university can email your electronic transcript to
IMPORTANT: We do NOT accept copies, scans, or email versions of forms requiring original signatures. We accept only original versions of forms with original signatures.


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