Consume Alert – May 29, 2024

ACCIDENT PREVENTION COURSE FOR DRIVERS 60+ – Take an Accident Prevention Course to Qualify for a Discount on Auto Premiums.

Consume Alert – May 14, 2024

LIST IT BEFORE YOU LOSE IT – The importance of making a home inventory.

Consume Alert – April 23, 2024

UNITEDHEALTH GROUP AND CHANGE HEALTHCARE SUPPORT SERVICES – Consumers who may have been affected by the February 2024 malicious criminal cyberattack on Change Healthcare, a subsidiary of the UnitedHealth Group (UHG), should immediately explore options offered by UHG to help keep their information safe, including credit monitoring and identity theft protection.

Consumer Notice – April 8, 2024

Are you unknowingly sharing your driving habits with insurers? If you’re buying a car, you should make sure you are not inadvertently sharing driving information that may affect your insurance rates, the Connecticut Insurance Department (CID) advises.

Consumer Notice – February 2, 2024

As winter continues in Connecticut, Commissioner Andrew N. Mais reminds residents that the Connecticut Insurance Department (CID) is here to help. Make sure you are winter-ready with these important tips and resources.

Consume Alert – December 21, 2023

As heavy rains and potential flooding pose risks to communities across the state, Commissioner Andrew Mais, and the Connecticut Insurance Department (CID) offer vital guidance on flood safety and insurance to help safeguard residents and businesses.

Consume Alert – December 18, 2023

Fake Insurance Identification Cards Lead To Severe Legal Consequences.

Consumer Notice – December 6, 2023

Insurance Commissioner Andrew Mais Urges Caution During Health Insurance Enrollment.

Consumer Notice – October 11, 2023

Preparing for the First Frost of the Season – Important Tips for Homeowners and Businesses in Connecticut

Consumer Notice – October 11, 2023

Preparing for the First Frost of the Season – Important Tips for Homeowners and Businesses in Connecticut

Consumer Alert – September 14, 2023

In the wake of record rain & widespread flooding, Hurricane Season has just begun, and Lee is approaching – Flood damage is not covered by a homeowners policy

Consumer Notice – August 30, 2023

Do College Students Need Renters Insurance – Important Tips for Students in Connecticut

Consumer Notice – August 11, 2023

Connecticut Insurance Department Helps Life Insurance Consumers Find More Than $25 Million in Benefits

Consumer Notice – July 24, 2023

Navigating Recovery After Heavy Rainfall – Important Tips for Homeowners and Businesses in Connecticut

Consumer Notice – July 20, 2023

Potential Identity Theft Alert: How to Protect Your Personal Information in Connecticut

Consumer Notice – June 15, 2023

Connecticut Insurance Department (CID) wants to inform consumers about a potential discount available to motorboat owners who hold insurance policies for recreational purposes.

Consumer Notice – June 8, 2023

Shopping for Health Insurance? Use This Checklist.

Consumer Notice – June 5, 2023

Shopping for Health Insurance During the Medicaid Unwinding. What Consumers Need to Know When Purchasing Coverage.

Consumer Alert – May 31, 2023

Medicaid Unwinding in Connecticut – What Consumers Impacted by the Medicaid Unwind Need to Know

Consumer Alert – May 12, 2023

Spring Into Action Know Your Risks & Review Your Coverage

Consumer Alert – May 8, 2023

The Connecticut Insurance Department (CID) reminds consumers that the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) is set to end on May 11, 2023.

Consumer Alert – April 12, 2023

Connecticut Residents with Fully-Insured Health Plans – Your Rights are Protected Regardless of Texas Judge Striking Down Preventive Coverage Under The ACA

Consumer Alert – February 24, 2023

Auto Coverage and Rate Changes for HYUNDAI and KIA Policies Due to Auto Thefts