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How do I apply for a vocational or technology teaching certificate?

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How do I apply for a vocational-technical teaching certificate? 

Please follow the process below to apply for certification. We will process your applications in 2-3 months. 

1.  Apply

Submit your application by using the C.E.C.S. online system or paper-based ED 170 form. Include your $50 nonrefundable application review payment. 

IMPORTANT: We don’t accept personal checks. If you apply by mail, please pay with a cashier’s check, certified bank check, or money order made payable to: Treasurer, State of Connecticut.

2.  Mail Your Required Documentation

College or high school diploma: A copy of your appropriate diploma. 

Teaching coursework, including special education studies: You can either mail an official transcript OR have the university send an e-transcript to us at

Employer letter: Mail letters from your current and/or previous employers verifying your experience in this career. The letters must:

  • Include your specific dates of employment, job title(s), whether you worked part- or full-time, and briefly describe your job responsibilities
  • Be originals, not copies
  • Be on official letterhead
  • Be signed by the business owner, your supervisor, or the director of human resources
  • NOTE: You may submit a notarized statement if the employer is no longer in business or you are self-employed.

Professional license: A copy of your valid RN or health license.


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