Menu Planning for Child Nutrition Programs


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The resources below provide guidance on planning, preparing, and promoting healthy meals that meet the USDA meal pattern requirements for schools and institutions participating in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Child Nutrition Programs. For more resources, review the CSDE's Resource List for Menu Planning and Food Production.

Meal Patterns  |   Meal Pattern Components  |   Meal Modifications for Special Diets
Menu Planning  |   Nutrient Analysis of Menus  |   Promoting Healthy Food Choices  |   Recipes 

Meal Patterns

Meal Pattern Components

Meal Modifications for Special Diets

Nutrient Analysis of Menus

Promoting Healthy Food Choices

Recipes for Child Nutrition Programs

Sponsors of the Child Nutrition Programs must ensure that local menus comply with the USDA meal patterns. Recipes and menus that are not from USDA should be checked for compliance with the USDA meal patterns, and adapted as needed.