CDBG Small Cities Grants Management Manual

Grants Management Manual

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Grants Manual Forms and Attachments:

Chapter 1 - Project Administration

Chapter 1 - Project Administration Attachments

1-1: Sample Assistance Agreement
1-2: Sample Project Expenditures Account Agreement
1-3: Sample Legal Opinion
1-4: Authorized Signatures Form
1-5: Sample Citizen Participation Plan
1-6: Newspaper List
1-7: Sample Public Hearing Notice
1-8: Request for Exception to Conflict of Interest
1-9: Signage Requirements
1-10: DOH Logo

Chapter 2 - Environmental Review

Chapter 2 - Environment Review Attachments

2-1: Environmental Review Flowchart
2-2: Environmental Review for Exempt/CENST Activity
2-3: Environmental Review for CEST Activity
2-4: Sample Tribal Consultation Letter
2-6: Request for Release of Funds
2-7: 8 Step Decision Making Process Flow Chart
2-8: 5 Step Floodplain Process Flow Chart
2-9: Sample Floodplain Early Notice
2-10: Sample Floodplain Notice of Explanation
2-11: Sample Documentation of 8 Step Process
2-12: Environmental Assessment Format
2-13: Environmental Assessment Checklist
2-14: Sample Combined Notice
2-15: ERR Checklist
2-16: Broad Level Tier Review Form
2-17: Reevaluation of Previously Cleared Project 
2-18: Exempt Activity Determination Checklist
2-19: CENST Activity Determination Checklist

Chapter 3 - Financial Management 
Chapter 3 - Financial Management Attachments

3-1: Sample Financial Management Checklist
3-2: Cost Categories for GACs and PACS
3-3: Payment Requisition Form
3-4: Discontinued
3-5: Sample Program Income Reuse Plan
3-6: Sample Resolution for the Use of Program Income
3-7: Program Income Application
3-8: Program Income Reuse Application Guidelines
3-8A: Sample Public Notice for Program Reuse
3-9: Audit Extension Form
3-10: OPM Guidance on Deadline and Extensions 

Chapter 4 - Procurement
Chapter 4 - Procurement Attachments

4-1: Certification of Section 3 Compliance
4-2: Contractor Permanent Workforce Report
4-3: Notification to Bidders
4-4: Sample RFP
4-5: Sample RFQ
4-6: Sample RFP Publication
4-7: Sample RFQ Publication
4-8: Sample Professional Services Evaluation
4-9: Sample Short Listed Firms Letter
4-10: Sample Non Short Listed Firms Letter
4-11: Sample Interview Evaluation Form
4-12: Sample IFB Publication
4-13: Sample Bid Tabulation 
4.14: Section 3 Worker/Targeted Worker Certification Form 
4.15: Section 3 Business Certification Form 
4.16: BABA Contractor Certification Form 
4:17: Materials Certification Form

Chapter 5 - Acquisition
Chapter 5 - Acquisition Attachments

5-1: Voluntary Notice to Owner
5-2: Sample Acknowledgement of Rights
5-3: Involuntary Notice of Owner
5-4: When A Public Agency Acquires Brochure
5-5: Sample Notice of Intent to Acquire
5-6: Sample Statement for the Basis for the Determination of Just Compensation
5-7: Sample Notice of Intent Not to Acquire
5-8: Easement Valuation Form
5-9: Guide for Preparing Appraisal Scope of Work
5-10: Sample Review Appraisal
5-11: Sample Written Offer to Purchase
5-12: Sample Statement of Settlement Costs
5-13: One for One Replacement Summary Report 

Chapter 6 - Relocation 
Chapter 6 - Relocation Attachments

6-1: Notice to Prospective Tenants
6-2: URA Relocation Flow Chart with Trigger Dates
6-3: Sample Residential Anti-displacement and Relocation Plan
6-4: Household Case Record
6-5: General Information Notice for Tenants to be Displaced
6-6: Relocation Assistance to Displaced Homeowner Occupants Brochure
6-7: Relocation Assistance to Tenants Displaced from their Home Brochure
6-8: Sample 90/30 Day Move Notices
6-9: Tenant Assistance Relocation Process Flow Chart
6-10: HUD Inspection Checklist
6-11: HUD Comparable Replacement Dwelling Computation Form
6-12: Notice of Eligibility for Relocation Assistance
6-13: HUD Claim for 90-Day Homeowner
6-14: HUD Claim for Rental or Downpayment Assistance
6-15: Sample Letter to Relocatee in a Substandard Unit
6-16: Sample Elderly Waiver for Relocation
6-17: Notice of Non Displacement
6-18: Sample Temporary Relocation Notice
6-19: Sample GIN Non-residential Tenant
6-20: Sample Notice of Eligibility Business Relocation
6-21: Relocation Assistance to Displaced Businesses Brochure
6-22: Claim for Moving and Related Expenses Non-Residential
6-23: Claim for Fixed Payment in Lieu of Actual Non-Residential Moving Expenses
6-24a: Notice of Eligibility of Section 104(d) Relocation Asst - with Section 8
6-24b: Notice of Eligibility of Section 104(d) Relocation Asst - without Section 8
6-25: Residential Moving Expense and Dislocation Allowance Schedule
6-26: Resident Claim for Moving and Related Expenses
6-27: Summary of Major Differences Between 104(d) and URA Relocation Asst
6-28: Claim for Rental or Downpayment Assistance under 104(d)
6-29: Sample Grievance Procedures

Chapter 7 - Housing Rehabilitation
Chapter 7 - Housing Rehabilitation Attachments

7-1: Housing Rehab Admin vs Activity Delivery
7-2: Sample Applicant Release to Obtain Verification of Income
7-3: Sample Part 5 Annual Household Income Calculation Form
7-4: Discontinued
7-5: Sample CDBG Rehabilitation Assistance Application
7-6: Protect Your Family from Lead Pamphlet
7-7: Verification of Receiving Lead-Based Paint Pamphlet
7-8: Sample Initial Inspection Checklist
7-9: Sample Work Write-up and Cost Estimate Form
7-10: Lead Safe Housing Rule Briefing Packet
7-11: Lead Safe Housing Requirements Screening Worksheets
7-12: Guidance on HUD/EPA Abatement Letter
7-13: Sample Lead Hazard Evaluation
7-14: Sample Lead Presumption Notice
7-15: Sample Rehabilitation Agreement
7-16: Sample Pre-Qualified Contractors Application Form
7-17: Sample Pre-Qualified Contractor List
7-18: Sample Pre-Qualified List Update Request
7-19: Sample Housing Notice to Proceed
7-20: Sample Pre-Construction Conference List
7-21: Sample Certification of Inspection
7-22: Sample Change Order Request
7-23: Sample Notice of Lead Hazard Reduction Activities
7-24: Checklist for Lead-Safe Work Practices and Hazard Reduction
7-25: Checklist for Lead Abatement Projects
7-26: Sample Contract Termination and Release of Lien
7-27: Sample Notice of Acceptance of Work
7-28: CDBG Residential Rehab Standards 
7-29: Sample Use Restriction
7-30: Sample Use Restriction for Public Housing Modernization

Chapter 8 - Fair Housing and Equal Access
Chapter 8 - Fair Housing and Equal Access Attachments

8-1: Connecticut Protected Classes
8-2: Fair Housing Action Plan and Resources
8-3: Fair Housing and Civil Rights Manual
8-4: Certification of Accessibility
8-5: Four Factor Analysis Template
8-6: Sample Language Access Plan 
8-7: VAWA Certification

Chapter 9 - Labor Standards
Chapter 9 - Labor Standards Attachments

9-1: Federal Labor Standards Provisions (HUD 4010)
9-2: Wage Determination Notification and Lock-in
9-3: Pre-Construction Conference Outline
9-4: Wage and Benefit Certification Form
9-5: Contractors Guide to Prevailing Wage Requirements
9-6: Required Job Site Posters
9-7: Pre-construction Report Format
9-8: Sample Notice to Proceed
9-9: Payroll Falsification Indicators
9-10: Payroll Form and Statement of Compliance (WH347)
9-11: Section 5.7 Enforcement Report and Instructions
9-12: Record of Employee Interview Form
9-13: Project Wage Rate Sheet
9-14: Documentation of Restitution Employee Release 

Chapter 10 - Contracts and Modifications
Chapter 10 - Contracts and Modifications Attachments

10-1: Disclosure Report 
10-2: Financing Plan and Budget 
10.3: Sample Subrecipient Agreement

Chapter 11 - Reporting and Recordkeeping
Chapter 11 - Reporting and Recordkeeping Attachments

11-1: Semi-Annual Report Form 
11-2: Contractor Activity Report

Chapter 12 - Monitoring and Closeout
Chapter 12 - Monitoring and Closeout Attachments

12-1: Interim Construction Monitoring Checklist
12-2: Construction Close-out Checklist
12-3: Construction Compliance Certification
12-4: Pre-Closeout Certification
12-5: DOH Close-out Monitoring Checklist - Under Construction
12-6: At-A-Glance Worksheet (Housing Rehabilitation)
12-7: At-A-Glance Worksheet (Public Housing) - Under Construction

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