Certification Process and Requirements for Supervisors

3/11/2021, E-License, a new online licensing service is live and accepting applications for Pesticide Supervisors. If you already have a Connecticut pesticide certification please contact us by email for your login information. If you do not have an account follow the instructions on the page below, please read carefully. Supervisory Certification A supervisory certificate is required for commercial applicators who are responsible for deciding whether or not pesticides are to be employed, how they are to be mixed, where they are to be employed, what pesticides are to be used, the dosage and timing involved in the pesticide use and the methods of application and precautions to be taken in the use of such pesticides. The supervisory certificate allows the licensee to purchase restricted-use pesticides from a registered dealer. 

Every company applying pesticides commercially must have a certified supervisory applicator.  That individual must either be present at the site during pesticide application or provide specific written instructions to the certified operator.  The operator must not apply pesticides without the written instructions.  If, during the course of making an application, a treatment is required or requested that is not included in the written instructions held by the operator, the operator must not perform that treatment until he has obtained written instructions pertaining to the new application.

What Information can I find on this page? (Scroll to the appropriate subheading to learn more information about the topics below)
  • Requirements - How do you meet the criteria to become certified?
  • What to expect- After you sign up for an exam how does the exam and certification process work?
  • Fees- How much does it cost to become certified and maintain a certification?
  • Testing-How do I sign up for an exam, and what is the exam like?
  • Oral examination-How does the oral exam work?
  • Study Material- What do I need to study in general for any supervisory category?
  • Types of Pesticide Supervisor Examinations- Which categorie(s) make the most sense for me to become certified in? (click on specific categories for more information)
  • Supervisory Renewal- How do I renew and what do you need from me when I renew?
  • Annual Pesticide Use Summary Reports- What form do I need to submit to report my pesticide use and where do I upload it?


  • An applicant must be at least 18 years of age and pass the appropriate examination(s)
  • The exam must be taken within 90 days of paying the DEEP $200 exam fee. Each time a new $200 exam fee is paid the 90 day allotment starts again.
What to Expect
  • After making an account on elicense and signing up for your desired test allow 3-10 days to receive an email from Everblue ( the exam proctoring service)
  • Everblue will email indicating that a $21 fee must be paid, after this fee is paid you will have 60 days to take your exam. They will immediately send you the exam link
  • After the exam has been taken please allow 4-10 days to have your score entered. If you pass your written you will be emailed within 30 days to schedule the oral exam if applicable. If there is no oral portion you will be emailed accordingly as well. If you fail, you will get an exam fail notice via email with a retest fee assigned to it
  • Exam fee: $200 for up to 3 different supervisor categories
  • Exam retest fee: $200 for up to 3 different supervisor categories
  • Licensing fee: $285 this is paid after the necessary written and oral exams are passed. It is good for 5 years, then $285 is paid every 5 years at the time of renewal
  • Everblue convenience fee: $21 per exam taken through Everblue (our online proctoring service) 
  • Registering for a new E-License Account
  • Application for Supervisory Applicator Instructions

  • As of April 2021, the core and safety questions for each exam have been combined with the category specific questions.
  • You must score at least 75% to pass the written portion of the exam.
  • You have up to 3 hours to take the exam
  • Each registration you may attempt up to 3 categories. 
  • Additional attempts or categories require additional application fees.
  • A minimum of 30 days need to pass in between exam attempts for the same category ( same category retakes)
Oral Examination
  • If you pass the written exam, most categories have an oral examination.
  • You will be scheduled by email 1 to 4 weeks after you pass your written exam for an oral examination.
  • The oral exam is in person ( 79 Elm Street in Hartford) and normally takes between 20 and 30 minutes.
  • You will be asked questions pertinent to the certification you are looking to obtain by 2-4 board members.
  • Questions may include pest identification, regulatory questions, pesticide choice questions, or any material covered in the study material.
Study Material
To view the study material for each category please click on the category in the table below. The study material will be on that specific page. There is study material that pertains to every category, as well as category specific study material for each exam.
Required and Additional Study Materials for Pesticide Supervisors  
Pesticide Control Statutes Clarification
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Types of Pesticide Supervisor Examinations
Supervisor Category Explanation  
Name of Exam Exam Categories
Agricultural Pest Control 1A: Plant
1B: Harvested Crops
Aquatic Pest Control 5: Aquatic Pest Control
Custom Ground Pest Control
Demonstration and Research 10: Demonstration & Research
Forest Pest Control 2: Forest Pest Control
Industrial, Institutional and Structural Pest Control
Public Health 8: Public Health (governmental only)
Regulatory Pest Control 9: Regulatory (governmental only)
Rights of Way 6: Right of Way
  Supervisory Renewal 

Certifications need to be renewed every 5 years, and expire on January 31st of that year. Renewal notices are sent via email approximately 90 days ahead of the expiration date. When you renew you need to pay the applicable fee, and submit 12 continuing education credits per category and any use summaries for the past 5 years that you have not already submitted. 

Annual Pesticide Use Summary Reports
Commercial pesticide applicators are required to maintain records with respect to their use of pesticides and the supervision of pesticide use. This requirement includes submitting an annual Commercial Applicator Pesticide Use Summary Report. The Pesticide Use Summary report must be submitted electronically at elicense.ct.gov.

DEEP may refuse to renew certification of a commercial applicator for failure to submit this report.

For more information please call the Pesticide Management Program  (860) 424-3369, e-mail deep.pesticideprogram@ct.gov 

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