Pesticide Management Program

3/26/2021, E-License, a new online licensing service, is live and accepting certification applications for Pesticide/Arborist Business Registrations, Pesticide Operators,  Dealers, Supervisors, and Private Applicators. Follow the links to the specific credential you are interested in for instructions on submitting an application. Please use the online system for those credentials as we will no longer be accepting paper applications by mail.  We hope you like the convenience of this new system.  If you are having any trouble, please email us for assistance.

4/14/2020, List N: Disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV-2.  EPA has updated the content on List N and frequently asked questions about disinfectants related to coronavirus. Please read the label before use and follow all directions. Make sure your products are on the list and registered with the EPA.  Any questions may directed to

The main goal of the Pesticide Management Program is to prevent adverse human health or environmental effects from the misuse of pesticides.

Certification & Training:

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Golf Course Annual Fee

Section 22a-54a of the Connecticut General Statutes establishes an annual fee for golf courses which have a course length of greater than 1,000 yards. This fee must be paid to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection no later than December 31 of each year. Each golf course fee payment ($250.00) must be accompanied by a completed Golf Course Fee Payment Form (Word FormPDF Form).

Useful Telephone Contacts

  • Poison Control Center:  1-800-222-1222
  • National Pesticide Information Center: 800-858-7378
  • DEEP 24-hour Emergency Spill Reporting:  (860) 424-3338
  • Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station: (203) 974-8500

For more information, please contact the Pesticide Management Program at (860) 424-3369 or  Email is our preferred method of communication.

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