Pesticide Training

Continuing Education Requirements

Who needs to get continuing education credits?
All Commercial Pesticide Supervisors (any category), and all Private Applicators are required to get 12 credits of continuing education per category per renewal cycle (5 years) as part of their renewal.

If a person holds multiple categories, they need at least 12 separate credits per category. Core credits cannot count towards multiple categories (eg. If you have 3 core credits they count for 3 total credits, NOT 3 per category). A certification will not be renewed unless an individual has all of the credit requirements.

Course Providers- please scroll to the bottom of the page to view requirements for submitting a course to us for credit approval.

Private Applicators

Pre-exam Courses/ Re-certification Training (Continuing Education)


Re-certification Training (Continuing Education)

Pre-exam Courses

Informational Courses/Programs

Junior Operator

Re-certification Training

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Course Providers

If you looking to submit courses for approval please email with the following information at least a month before the date of your course. Course approvals typically take 7-14 days:

  • Course name, date, location and description
  • Course provider
  • Outline of the day including name, duration, description, speaker, and speaker bio for each talk ( we need a description for each talk that highlights how this pertains to our program)
  • If the course is online or in person
  • If the course is one time, or recurring
  • If the course is online and recurring please provide us with access to the course so we can review it
  • If the course is open to the public or not, if it is please include the best way for someone to sign up for it
  • What category(ies) are you seeking credit in


For more information please call the Pesticide Management Program  (860) 424-3369, or e-mail

The content of this page was last updated September 27, 2022