Guidance for Agency Data Officers and Publishers

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In Connecticut, executive agencies are required to designate an Agency Data Officer to field questions and concerns about data access, and to create an agency data inventory and open data plan.

The responsibilities of Agency Data Officers include:

  • Coordinating and submitting agency high-value data inventories annually
  • Coordinating and submitting agency open data access plans
  • Serving as the main contact person for inquiries, requests, or concerns regarding access to the data of such agency
  • Establishing procedures to ensure that requests for data that the agency receives are complied with in an appropriate and prompt manner in consultation with the chief data officer.

Non-executive agencies may still designate an agency data officer. Agencies that have chosen to voluntarily comply with the provisions include:

  • Office of the State Comptroller
  • Connecticut Green Bank

    Resources for Agency Data Officers are listed below

Data Guidance