Company Appointment Renewal FAQ's

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How do we terminate company appointments?

Insurance Companies are required to submit terminations through NIPR.

How do we submit a termination for cause?

This information is located on our website at:

What are the Company Appointment State Fees?

This information is located on our website at:

Where can I obtain a Company Appointment List?

By going to SBS at:

Where can I find Company Appointment Renewal information?

This information is located on our website at:

When must we submit any changes or terminate appointments, so they do not appear on the renewal invoice?

All terminations must be posted to NIPR’s Producer database by April 15th each even-numbered year.

When will the Renewal Invoice and list of appointments be due for renewal?

May 1st each even-numbered year.

When is the last day to submit the appointment renewal payment?

May 31st each even-numbered year.

Why is there a late fee showing on the renewal invoice?

Payments made after May 31st each even-numbered year will automatically be assessed 10% of the invoice with a maximum of $15,000.00. The late fee will be included in the final amount due.

How do I access and pay the invoice?

These instructions are located on our website at:

Can we submit a paper check to the Department for the renewal invoice?

Paper Checks are NOT accepted. All payments must be submitted through NIPR.

Companies that submit a payment to NIPR via paper check will not have their renewal invoice processed and will have the payment returned to them.

What forms of payments are accepted for the renewal invoice?

Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard or American Express. There are no credit card processing fees, but NIPR transaction fees will apply.

Electronic Check: There are no check processing fees for utilizing the electronic check payment method, but NIPR transaction fees will apply.

Note: A few banks or credit unions may not participate in electronic check services. If your bank needs a pre-authorization to issue this electronic check service, you will need to provide your financial institution with this information: NIPR – ACH-9098504041.

What is the Connecticut State Appointment Renewal Fees?

This information is located on our website at:

What is the State Premium Tax Rates?

This information is located on our website at:

How is the company’s domicile state determined?

The domicile state for the company is determined by the Statutory Home Office Address, not the business address or any other address.