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State Plan Policies - WIC 400

State Plan Section 2 400 Food Delivery - Table of Contents

WIC 400-01 Food Delivery

WIC 400-02 Initial Enrollment in the Food Delivery System

WIC 400-03 WIC Approved Food Guide 3-2021

  Approved Food Guide webpage

WIC 400-04 EBT Account Setup and Maintenance CT-WIC

WIC 400-05 WIC Benefit Issuance

WIC 400-06 Benefit Reissuance - Food Prescription Changes and Voiding

WIC 400-08 eWIC Card Replacement

WIC 400-09 Unused eWIC Card Stock Inventory

WIC 400-10 Connecticut WIC Approved Formula and Medical Foods

WIC 400-11 Use of Medical Documentation Form 3-2023

  WIC 400-11 Medical Documentation Form Instructions Revised 3-2023

WIC 400-11 Medical Documentation Form - Infants and Children Fillable 2-2023

  WIC 400-11 Medical Documentation Form - Women Fillable 2-2023

  WIC 400-11 WIC Special Formula Guidelines for Clinicians 3-2021

WIC 400-12 Retail Purchase of WIC Special Formulas

WIC 400-13 WIC Formulas Issuance Calculations

WIC 400-14 New Special Formula Product Approval

WIC 400-15 WIC Formula Return Policy

WIC 400-16 Formula Quality Complaint Procedures and Required Documentation 8-2022

  WIC 400-16 Formula Quality and Safety Checklist 8-2022

  WIC 400-16 CT WIC Consent Form for FPP DCP and FDA - English

  WIC 400-16 CT WIC Consent Form for FPP DCP and FDA - Spanish

WIC 400-17 Formula Storage Guidelines

WIC 400-18 Coordination between WIC HUSKY and Private Insurance for the Issuance of Special Exempt Formula 6-2022

WIC 400-19 Conflict of Interest with Vendors