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Certification Process and Requirements for Supervisors

3/11/2021, E-License, a new online licensing service is live and accepting applications for Pesticide Supervisors. If you already have a Connecticut pesticide certification please contact us by email for your login information. If you do not have an account follow the instructions on the page below, please read carefully. Supervisory Certification A supervisory certificate is required for commercial applicators who are responsible for deciding whether or not pesticides are to be employed, how they are to be mixed, where they are to be employed, what pesticides are to be used, the dosage and timing involved in the pesticide use and the methods of application and precautions to be taken in the use of such pesticides. The supervisory certificate allows the licensee to purchase restricted-use pesticides from a registered dealer. 

Every company applying pesticides commercially must have a certified supervisory applicator.  That individual must either be present at the site during pesticide application or provide specific written instructions to the certified operator.  The operator must not apply pesticides without the written instructions.  If, during the course of making an application, a treatment is required or requested that is not included in the written instructions held by the operator, the operator must not perform that treatment until he has obtained written instructions pertaining to the new application.

  • An applicant must be at least 18 years of age and pass the appropriate examination(s)
Testing Oral Examination
  • If you pass the written exam, most categories have an oral examination.
  • You will be scheduled by email 1 to 4 weeks after you pass your written exam for an oral examination.
  • The oral exam is in person and normally takes between 20 and 30 minutes.
  • You will be asked questions pertinent to the certification you are looking to obtain by 2-4 board members.
  • Questions may include pest identification, regulatory questions, pesticide choice questions, or any material covered in the study material.
Study Material Required and Additional Study Materials for Pesticide Supervisors Pesticide Control Statutes Clarification

Pesticide On-line Training Courses Related links Types of Pesticide Supervisor Examinations

Supervisor Category Explanation

Name of Exam Exam Categories
Agricultural Pest Control 1A: Plant
1B: Harvested Crops
Aquatic Pest Control 5: Aquatic Pest Control
Custom Ground Pest Control
Demonstration and Research 10: Demonstration & Research
Forest Pest Control 2: Forest Pest Control
Industrial, Institutional and Structural Pest Control
Public Health 8: Public Health (governmental only)
Regulatory Pest Control 9: Regulatory (governmental only)
Rights of Way

6: Right of Way


Supervisory Recertification
Supervisory applicators must obtain 12 credit hours per certification period for renewal of their supervisory pesticide certificate.

Annual Pesticide Use Summary Reports
Commercial pesticide applicators are required to maintain records with respect to their use of pesticides and the supervision of pesticide use. This requirement includes submitting an annual Commercial Applicator Pesticide Use Summary Report. The Pesticide Use Summary report must be submitted electronically at

DEEP may refuse to renew certification of a commercial applicator for failure to submit this report.

For more information please call the Pesticide Management Program  (860) 424-3369, e-mail or write to:

Pesticide Management Program
Bureau of Materials Management and Compliance Assurance
Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
79 Elm Street
Hartford, CT 06106-5127

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