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Commissioner's August Message

"I was sick and tired of being sick and tired."

Urgent Crisis Centers - The Vision of Michael Williams

Youth Attending Post-Secondary Education

Commissioner July 2023 Message

"I can be Mama, you can be Mommy"

"Mommy and Daddy are sending their love"

"Deer Oaks EAP Program for First Responders - Support is a Phone Call Away"


      Commissioner's June 2023 Message
     "I made it"
     "This is who I am"
     Stonewall Uprising - Inspiring Change

  Commissioner's May 2023 Message
A Wedding Day Kinship Placement
She Has Brought Out the Very Best of Us
Seeking Support is a Sign of Strength
Congratulations to Our Graduates

Commisioner's April 2023 Message
Safe Haven
Christian is a Force
Jackie Ford


Commissioner's March 2023 Message

"The fact that we are still here, and kicking is amazing"

“Everything that happens is an opportunity. It's what we do with those opportunities that matter."

Why safety science is an essential tool to reducing critical incidents in child welfare



Commissioner Message February 2023
Samaris Rose
Janet Williams Award


Commissioner January 2023 Message
The Best of 2022
Surviving Trafficking
I feel you are put in my path for a reason.


Commissioner December Message
"I walked out of Hell barefoot" (Deborah Franklin)
"I wanted my daughters in my care" (Robert Little)
The Olive Branch


Commissioner's Message
Elias is our Why
  Love can be messy
  I feel so lucky they were born


Commissioner's Message
Jenna Corson - "This is life or death"
Lenisa Mathew - "It is beautiful to see. DCF staff are incredible."
Solnit South - "The cycle needed to change"


Commissioner's Message
"I did this." - Ashley May-Williams
"Celebrated in Her Image." - Jackie Vidal Receives Yocasta Del Rosario Award
"I don't want to be anyone else." - Destiny Bromfield


         Commissioner's Message  
         "Can I please give you a hug because you saved my life?"
         Dr. Glen Worthy "How do I support you?"
         Find the good in everything


Commissioner's Message
Psychological Safety Found Across the Country - Spotlight on Permanency and Adolescent Work
"I Love Knowing They Feel Safe With Me" - Spotlight on Joseph
"No One Can Ever Have Too Many People That Love Them" - Spotlight on Rebecca Atkins and Andrew Lee


  Commissioner's Message
"The Third Time's the Charm" - Spotlight on Tai Thergood
"You are to be Celebrated" - Spotlight on Kaelana Dauber
"I am Complete.  My Happiness Finally Arrived on my Doorstep" - Spotlight on Olger Zuniga


  Commissioner's Message Willie Robinson Gives Back From Homelessness to Kinship Care to the White House - Meet Vince Espino DCF Social Worker Gabrielle Mitchell Delivers UCONN MSW Commencement Address 


  Commissioner's Message
"We All Have a Lot of Similarities" - Spotlight on Angel Robles
"You Came" - Spotlight on Erika McCormack
The Link between Animal Cruelty, Child Abuse and Neglect, and Interpersonal Violence


  Commissioner's Message
DCF Exits the Juan F. Consent Decree
Connecticut's Family First Plan Approved by the Federal Government
CT's Legislative Session Prioritizes Children's Behavioral Health


Commissioner's Message
"Penelope Said 'I Need My Mommy'" - Spotlight on Penelope
"How Can I Make Myself Part of the Village?" - Spotlight on Tomi Handy
Janet E. Williams Humanitarian Award 2022 Recipients and Nominees


  Commissioner's Message
The Best of 2021
"I Felt a Powerful Need to Care for Her" - Spotlight on Ms. Croasdale
Human Trafficking Prevention Month



Commissioner's Message
"No One Should Be Scared to Live Their Best Life" - Spotlight on Lizzy
"I'm Real Protective of My Kids" - Spotlight on Jeffrey
A Story of Profound Joy After Tragedy - Spotlight on the Baxters


Commissioner's Message
"I Want This Woman Right Here to be My Mom" - Spotlight on Alivia
"That's My Son" - Spotlight on Kally and Zander
Adoptive Families Get Needed Support from DCF-UConn Health Partnership - Spotlight on AAP


Commissioner's Message
"I Did the Work" - Spotlight on Anne
Father Addressing Domestic Violence Gets a Second and Better Chance - Spotlight on Luis
Domestic Violence Program Utilize's Fathers' Desire to Parent as Impetus to Change - Spotlight on Fathers for Change
Celebrating Hispanic/Latin(o,a,x) Heritage Month by Monica Rams


Commissioner Message
"Mary Saw Something in Me that No One Else was Willing to See" - Spotlight on Lily and Mary
"We Owe This Baby the Time for Her Mother to Become Healthy" - Spotlight on Rodney Moore
Leading Kinship Care and a Vision for the Future - Spotlight on Tina Jefferson and Natalia Liriano
Kinship Care: When Data and Research Confirm Common Sense


Commissioner Message
"They Saw Me as Someone Who Could Achieve the Highest Goal" - Spotlight on Betty
V.I.T.A.L. Highlights: Activating Potential in Young Adults to Build Success, Justice, and Lead Change
Sun Scholars: "It's a Family with a Shared Experience"
DCF Youth Attending Colleges and Programs Across the Country!


Commissioner Message
"We Were a Team" - Spotlight on Destiny
"On the Beach...Surrounded by the Most Important Adults in His Life" - Spotlight on the Allens
2021 Legislative Update


Commissioner Message
"The Moral of the Story is Anything is Possible" - Spotlight on Christopher
"I Love the LGBTQ Community. I am Them" - Spotlight on Dr. Aissa Williams
"There is So Much Good in these Boys" - Spotlight on Anna Gawel
DCF Nursing Team


Commissioner Message
“Being in Foster Care Has Been A Privilege”
Foster Care Director Natalia Liriano Discusses the Quality Parenting Initiative
The Story of Trung Le


Commissioner Message
Families Over Facilities



Commissioner Message
We are Called to this Work
Christopher Bidorini
Dr. Janet E. Williams Humanitarian Award


Ms. Adams
Ms. Aponte
Mr. Bidorini
Ms. Ebron
Mr. Gay
Ms. Powers-Gaskin
Ms. Thomas


Dr. Taylor
Erin Ryan
Yadi Ijeh



          Commissioner's Message:  Embracing 2021
          National Human Trafficking Awareness Month          
          She Breathed Life Back Into Our Family
          The Best of 2020




         Commissioner's Holiday Message
         From Shame to Shine
         Ghana - My Home Again for the Holidays
         Isaiah's Permanent Supports


Adoption is Love and the Sanzos are the Proof
Commissioner's Message
"He brings us so much joy"
Long Road To Love


A whole new life and I am fiercely protective of it
Chapters of My Life (poem)
Commissioner's Message
Fathers for Change
I am proud you are my Dad


Bridge to the Many Paths of Recovery
Commissioner's Message
Leaving Them Better Than She Found Them

My Best Self - For Him and For Me

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Suicide Prevention Month



A Message from the Commissioner


A Message from the Commissioner
Mr. Cloud
"Ricardo's Village" (Team Names)
Saint Joseph Parenting Center

Special LGBT Pride Edition

     A message from the Commissioner
     Brian and Wil
     Kris Robles
     Robin McHaelen (Sidebar)
     True Colors

June Issue

     A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
     Despite A World In Crisis And Staff’s Personal Challenges - A Little Girl Reunified
My First Father's Day with My Dad - Three Years Later
     “Oh, I’ve heard so much about you"…
     Reunification - Virtual Style

May Issue 

     CAFAF 25th Anniversary
     Ms. Borzellino
     Nicole McKelvey-Walsh
     "She Needed Me to Say Yes"
     Testing (COVID-19)
     The Mandelburg Family

April Issue

     Additional Photos and Highlights
     Child Abuse Prevention Month
     Kevin Rennie
     Samantha Diaz
     Thank You Dr. Mike!
     What We Know

February Issue

     Court Monitor
     Enhanced Service 
     Wear Blue 2020 Contest Photos

January issue

     Ashley Foster
     Hope for College
     Maria Kelley
     Virtual Academy
     YAB Legislative Victory
          YAB Coordinators
          YAB Meeting Schedule



December Issue

          Crossing the Ocean To Reunify Eric
          Returning Home
          Supporting Housing

November Issue

Adoption Day Photos
Adoption Day In Connecticut

October Issue

          A Father's Love
          Dads Matter Too! Conference
          Rep. Pat Wilson Pheanious

September Issue

Cassie G.
Leon's Legacy
Siblings Connecting Through Summer Camp
Wilderness School