DAS Procurement Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Program Information

How To

Find EPP Contracts

These contracts feature environmentally preferable products and services and are located on the DAS website. For more information, please contact the Contract Specialist listed on the contract.

Case snippet - 14PSX0310 (E-waste)

Connecticut State agencies have been using an electronic waste disposal contract from 2016 for collecting and safely disposing/recycling off the electronic waste, which includes computing devices and peripherals, laptops and wireless devices. Electronic wastes often contain toxic components like Lead, Cadmium, arsenic etc. that can significantly affect human health if not safely disposed. Certified E-waste handlers can shred and reuse plastic/metal casings as well as extract some of these toxic components for re-use.

Using this electronic waste contract helped the State of Connecticut save an equivalent of over 22 million hours of electricity over the contract life period with over 6 million hours in 2018 and create employment for eight individuals at the E-waste contractor.

Case snippet - 16PSX0118 (Office furniture refurbishing)

Connecticut State agencies have been using contract for rentals and extending life for office furniture including Chairs, work stations, file cabinets etc. Refurbishing office furniture extends useful life and makes efficient use of the taxpayer’s money while salvaging furniture, which would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

Using this refurbishing contract has saved State of Connecticut approximately 700K $ over contract life and created employment for over ten individuals with the contractors.