Office of Education and Data Management (OEDM) Tests or Classes - Canceled or Rescheduled


Check to see if our training courses, seminars, conferences or exams have been cancelled, delayed or rescheduled. Information will be posted by 6 a.m. for morning classes or exams, and by 2 p.m. for evening classes.  You may also wish to call our office at (860) 713-5522.

Cancellations or Delays: 

Due to inclement weather, the "Significant Changes to the Connecticut Fire Prevention Code and Part IV of the Connecticut Fire Safety Code training class for Thursday, March 8th at the East Hartford Community Center has been canceled and rescheduled for Thursday, March 22nd.

Venue Change Reminder:
Fairfield Regional Fire School will be hosting the following dates for Career Development training from 9am - 12noon in 2018. 

Monday, March 5

Tuesday, March 6

Tuesday, April 3

Wednesday, May 2