About the Process

The State Data Plan was developed through an iterative process made up of three phases, each with an opportunity for both public and agency input. The three phases included the following:


Phase 1 – Release draft and solicit feedback on a broad set of Principles, Focal Points, and Goals to guide the development of the plan and establish a vision for improving the management, use, and sharing of data for state agencies. Collect all feedback and use to develop Phase 2 draft.


Phase 2 – Finalize State Data Plan Principles and add more specific actions under each principle that will assist in guiding agency actions. Finalize the overarching Goals and supplement with more specific measurable objectives that will advance each goal. Finalize Focal Points and supplement with additional steps to help advance implementation. Collect feedback from both the public and state agencies to develop Phase 3 draft.


Phase 3 – Present a draft of the State Data Plan to the Data Analysis Technology Advisory (DATA) board pursuant to Public Act 18-175. The DATA board shall hold a public hearing on the plan and submit any recommendations within 30 days of receiving the plan.


Final Plan – Issue by December 31, 2018



Connecticut's process and framework is based on an approach currently being used at the federal level in the formulation of the Federal Data Strategy. In addition to using a similar process to the Federal Data Strategy we have also incorporated some of the principles articulated in that strategy. Finally, we have also considered and incorporated elements from the Statewide Data Strategy Principles and Goals established by the Colorado Government Data Advisory Board.