How much experience do I need to become a certified school administrator in Connecticut?

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Administrator experience

People who want to become administrators in Connecticut may waive the institutional recommendation if they have the appropriate experience. To obtain Connecticut certification, you must:

  • Document 20 or more school months of successful, appropriate full-time administrator experience at an out-of-state public school under a valid certificate
  • Provide official transcripts from accredited colleges or universities documenting completion of a master’s degree and all graduate level administrative coursework beyond the master’s degree
  • Pass a school administration assessment test. See the Guide to Assessments for Administrator Certification in Connecticut for additional information

NOTE: Only coursework resulting in credit awarded to an official transcript of a regionally accredited college or university can be accepted to meet certification requirements.

If you haven’t completed an administrator preparation program and do not have the experience to waive the institutional recommendation requirement, please get academic guidance from a state-approved program at a regionally accredited college or university. For a list of Connecticut’s approved administrator preparation programs, please see the Guide to Approved Administrator Preparation Programs in Connecticut.


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