What are the certification requirements for department chairpersons (endorsement #105)?

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Requirements for Department Chairperson certification

People who want to become a certified department chairperson (endorsement 105) must meet these work experience and education requirements:

  • A Connecticut certificate appropriate to the department chairperson endorsement requested
  • Master's degree or at least 30 semester hours of credit beyond the bachelor's degree
  • 18 semester hours of graduate credit, including six semester hours of credit in each of the following:
    • Instructional supervision and administration
    • Curriculum development
    • The area for which the endorsement is sought
  • 30 school months of successful teaching, special service, or administrative experience appropriate to the department chairperson endorsement requested

Note: All coursework must lead to award of credit to the official transcript of a regionally accredited college or university.

See how to apply for this endorsement.

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