Why is this important to you? 

Because the CTDOT now has more ways to:

  • Choose the right tool for the Job.
  • Provide the best product at the lowest cost.
  • Save time and money.
  • Protect the interest of the Taxpayers.

What tools do we have?

Design Bid Build (DBB)- The standard method.  The CTDOT hires a designer to design the project then construction contractors bid to build the project.  This is favorable when there are details that need to be ironed out like many land owner impacts and environmental concerns

Design-Build (DB)An Alternative project delivery method.  Instead of separate contracts with the designer and contractor the CTDOT selects a design and build team to completed the design and construction of the project.  This is a good method when time is of the essence since the design and construction phases can be overlapped.  This method also allows the partners to come up with new ideas for how to get the job done more efficiently by using the contractors strengths.

Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) and Construction Manager / General Contractor (CMGC) - Alternative project delivery methods.  The CTDOT enters into separate contracts with a designer and a construction contractor   The construction contractor is brought into the design process at an early stage of development to provide input on items such as constructability, scheduling, phasing and costs.  This method helps to reduces construction problems and promotes innovation which can help the project go smoother.

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