Press Releases – November 9, 2021

Connecticut Insurance Commissioner Andrew Mais congratulated the state’s ACA health insurance exchange, Access Health CT, for achieving top ranking on the 2021 Health Insurance Exchange Report.

Press Releases – September 30, 2021

Insurance Department: Students invited to find out about great jobs in Connecticut’s Insurance & Financial Industries – NextGen Career Academy to Showcase Careers, Internships October 7 & 8

Press Releases – September 27, 2021

State Insurance Department considers 8-14% drop in 2022 Workers Comp Rates - Seeks Public Comment

Press Releases – September 10, 2021

Insurance Commissioner Announces 2022 Health Insurance Premium Rates, Saving ACA Plan Members $76.5 Million

Press Releases – August 25, 2021

Connecticut Insurance Department to Host Conference on Climate Change and Insurance (C4I)

Press Releases – August 20, 2021

Connecticut Insurance Commissioner: All Insureds are eligible for "NO-COST" COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS VACCINE BOOSTER shot.

Press Releases – August 16, 2021

Connecticut Insurance Department Releases National Survey on Climate Risk in the Insurance Industry

Press Releases – August 10, 2021

Former Trinity Healthshare Ministry Files for Bankruptcy - Healthcare Sharing Ministry Members Should Seek Coverage at Access Health CT

Press Releases – July 13, 2021

Insurance Department Approves Captive for United Rentals in Stamford, The World’s Largest Equipment Rental Company

Press Releases – July 12, 2021

Statement from Insurance Commissioner Andrew N. Mais Health Insurance Rate Request Filings for 2022

Press Releases – June 29, 2021

CT Insurance Department Distributes Funds to Behavioral Health Groups to Improve Wellness and Access to Service

Press Releases – May 24, 2021

CT Insurance Department Reviewing Artificial Intelligence Use in Insurance

Press Releases – May 20, 2021

Broker and Company Fined, Surrender Licenses for Selling Medical Discount Plan as Insurance

Press Releases – April 27, 2021

Aliera and Trinity Healthshare Pay $50,000, Agree to Stop Marketing in Connecticut

Press Releases – April 14, 2021

Insurers Reminded That Their Use of Technology and Big Data Must Comply With Anti-discrimination Laws

Press Releases – March 30, 2021

More Support for Affordable Care Act Plans on the Health Exchange for Small Businesses & Individuals

Press Releases – March 22, 2021

Free COBRA Health Insurance for Recently Laid Off Workers, More Support for Affordable Care Act Plans

Press Releases – February 24, 2021

Connecticut Insurance Department Records Over 35% Growth in Captive Insurance Companies in 2020

Press Releases – January 29, 2021

Insurance Department Recovers Nearly $6 Million for Policyholders, Taxpayers in 2020.

Press Releases – January 15, 2021

The Governor’s Council on Climate Change (GC3) issued its Phase 1 Report on near-term strategies, Taking Action on Climate Change and Building a More Resilient Connecticut for All.