EMT Renewal/Recertification

Before applying for certification, please familiarize yourself with the general certification/licensure policies.
A step-by-step instruction document on how to apply for an initial EMT Certification on CT e-license can be downloaded by clicking here.

What to do before the expiration of your certification
To qualify for renewal/recertification an applicant must renew on or before the expiration date of the certification.  If the certification is not renewed within 90 days of the expiration date, the certification will become void and or expire and as a result the applicant can no longer practice as an EMS provider (Please see the reinstatement requirements page). To qualify for renewal/recertification an applicant shall meet one of the following requirements:
  • Complete an approved refresher-training course with a minimum of 30 hours.  Refresher training courses shall include both written and practical testing; or
  • Complete one out-of-state refresher training course form with a minimum of 30 hours over the lifetime of the certificate which may be accepted in lieu of a refresher training course required by this department provided: (i) the applicant is currently certified as an EMT for EMT recertification or as a person entitled to perform similar services under a different designation in another state; (ii) the refresher training program is equal to the refresher training program required by this department; and (iii) the refresher training program is approved by the appropriate regulatory body of such other state.
It is recommended that applicants take the approved refresher course within six months of the expiration date of the certification.  Please note that applicants will not receive credit for a refresher course that is completed more than one year before of the expiration of the certification.

Documentation Requirements:

  • A completed online application on the Connecticut eLicense website for EMT renewal certification.
  • EMT Training Program Completion Form verifying completion of an approved refresher course directly from your instructor if course was completed in Connecticut. 
  • If course was not completed in Connecticut, applicant needs to ensure a completed Verification of Out-of-State EMS Training Course form is submitted, directly from the instructor verifying a minimum of 30 hours refresher course.  Please note: For the course to be accepted you must be currently certified as an EMT in the state that the course was completed.
 All supporting documentation (except for the online application) should be sent from the primary source (state, territory, instructor) via any of the following:
via email: dph.emslicensing@ct.gov (Preferred Method)
via fax: 860.920.3142
via mail: Connecticut Department of Public Health
EMS Certification
410 Capitol Ave., MS # 12 EMS
P.O. Box 340308
Hartford, CT 06134-0308


For a list of Connecticut approved initial and refresher courses, please visit the Licensing/Certification/Exams page of the OEMS website.