Health and Wellness

Connecticut EMS Advisory Board Health and Wellness Subcommittee

Chair – Kevin Ferrarotti

This group meets monthly to review resources available to the EMS community to assist providers in seeking mental health and wellness.  New members and attendees are always welcome to attend.  Virtual meetings are held on the second Friday of each month.

Resiliency Resource Listing

This listing of professional mental health providers is provided as is having been reviewed but not vetted by the Health and Wellness Subcommittee for the use of EMS providers and agencies to provide appropriate resources to those in need of professional counselling or therapy services.

Resiliency Resource Listing (updated June 2022

EMS Guidebook for Resiliency Resources

This guidebook is provided by the Health and Wellness Subcommittee as a resource for agencies seeking to provide personnel with

State of Connecticut EMS Resource Manual (updated June 2022)

Suicide Loss Survivor Package

Here to Help is a coalition of local Trumbull resources whose objectives are to promote healing among suicide loss survivors. They bring together an extended community of people who are poised to support those touched by suicide.

Trumbull EMS provides a suicide loss survivor package including resources

If you wish to send a care package to a first responder who has recently lost a loved one to suicide, email