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EMR, EMT, AEMT and EMS-I Initial or Refresher Course

Approved EMS Initial and Continuing Education Program Click on the link to view all approved EMS training programs.  Use the icon at the top of each column to filter and sort the table.  Click on the "Contact Website or Email" link to contact the training provider.

Initial EMS Courses 

All EMS initial education programs in Connecticut must be approved by the Office of Emergency Medical Services.  Contact the course coordinator directly for course information such as dates, times, costs and registration.  OEMS does not conduct EMS certification programs.  Refer to the Approved EMS Initial and Continuing Education Programs for the following:

  • EMR – Emergency Medical Responder (60+ hours)
  • EMT – Emergency Medical Technician (150+ hours)
  • AEMT – Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (150-300 hours)
  • EMS Instructor (must hold EMT or higher to enroll)

Approved EMT / EMR Certification Practical Exam Schedule (updated March 2022)

EMS Continuing Education

All EMS continuing education programs in Connecticut must be approved by the Office of Emergency Medical Services.  Contact the course coordinator directly for course information such as dates, times, costs and registration.  OEMS does not conduct EMS continuing education programs.  Refer to the Approved EMS Initial and Continuing Education Programs for the following:

  • EMR National Continuing Competency Requirement (NCCR – 8 hours)
  • EMT National Continuing Competency Requirement (NCCR – 20 hours)
  • AEMT National Continuing Competency Requirement (NCCR – 25 hours)
  • Paramedic National Continuing Competency Requirement (NCCR – 30 hours)
  • Continuing Medical Education (applicable to all levels)

Pre-Approved Standardized Courses (updated April 2022)  Various standardized EMS courses are pre-approved for continuing education credit.  Any certified or licensed provider may use these hours towards their CME requirements.  Any person who is an approved instructor of the accrediting program may conduct these courses. For example, an EMT may claim the hours from an AHA BLS course despite the instructor not holding EMS instructor certification.

Connecticut and the National Registry of EMT (NREMT)

Effective 1/1/2020, all initial certification and licensure applicants must complete the NREMT examination and certification process.  Any EMR, EMT and AEMT personnel seeking certification based on endorsement from another state must also present NREMT certification. 
Please note that the NREMT Mark King Initiative is not yet active in Connecticut.  Affected EMS providers will be notified of their eligibility. Please do not submit an application to NREMT until directed to do so.

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EMS Instructor Listserv

The OEMS office operates an official email Listserv for EMS Instructors.  Listserv info and to subscribe.

Mental Health First Aid Courses and Instructors

Initial Paramedic License ApplicantsPublic Act 19-191 requires that starting on January 1, 2020, any initial applicant for paramedic licensure MUST submit with their application "evidence to this Department with their application that they have completed mental health first aid training as part of a program provided by an instructor certified by the National Council for Behavioral Health or any other certifying organization with substantially similar certification requirements, as determined by the commissioner."  This training is not required for certification as an EMR, EMT and AEMT.

This information was communicated to the EMS community on September 24, 2019 by OEMS Communication Statement 19-09 and updated on March 10, 2020 by OEMS Communication Statement 20-03.  This Department does not recommend or approve one program over another, however provides this non-exclusive list in an effort to aid applicants in complying with this law.

Information is available from the NCBH at





Independent Instructor
List of Classes

Valerie English Cooper

Hosts courses at UCONN-Storrs.  Available for on-site training. Contact instructor for scheduling. Cost is $99.

Hartford Hospital
Institute of Living

Patty Graham

Open courses scheduled. Click link to register.
Echo Hose Ambulance
Training Center

Patrick Lahaza
203-9245-5500 x3

Open courses scheduled. Click link to register. Cost is $125

Sharon Hospital Jim Hutchinson
Monthly open courses scheduled. No charge, supported by Sharon Hospital.
Wheeler Clinic Cathy Sisco
Free, open registration courses in greater  Plainville. Free on-site programs available statewide upon request.
Trumbull Police 

Timothy Fedor
POST Instructor and EMS Instructor
Code One Training Solutions, Inc.

Kori Burz

Open courses in East Hartford and greater New Haven. Click link to register. Cost is $120.
First Approach EMS Education

Michael Davis

Open courses statewide.
Cost $150

Health360 Yania Padilla
203-758-1110 x303

Courses upon request.
Cost $75 per person.
Future reduced or free courses pending.

Nuvance Health

Aaron Katz

Stratford EMS Training and Education Center (SEMSTEC)

Eileen Brophy

Hosts Courses. Cost is $125
The Connection

Nikita Joslyn, LMSW
860-343-5500 x2110

Hosts courses in Middletown
Cost is $100
Available for on-site training
New Britain EMS

Matthew Hess, NRP


Paramedic Programs

The following paramedic education programs have been approved by the Department and will prepare the successful candidate to take the NREMT paramedic examination and licensure in Connecticut.  If an applicant completes paramedic training outside of Connecticut, they must first obtain certification or licensure from another state before seeking licensure by endorsement in Connecticut. All Connecticut paramedic programs are approved by the Committee on Accreditation for the EMS Professions.

Contact programs directly for dates, times and registration procedures.

American Professional Education Service & Backus Hospital Consortium
1 American Way
Norwich, CT 06360
Capital Community College
950 Main Street
Hartford, CT 06013
Central Connecticut Paramedic Education Program Consortium
1 Herald Square
New Britain, CT 60051

Echo Hose Ambulance Training Center
430 Coram Ave.
Shelton, CT 06484
203-924-5500 x3

Hartford Healthcare Center for Education Innovation and Simulation
560 Hudson Street
Hartford, CT 06102
Yale-New Haven Health Center for EMS
77-D Willow Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Paramedic Continuing Education

NCCP ALS continuing education is offered by many approved providers in Connecticut.  Refer to the Current Approved EMS Provider Course listing above.

Training Updates

newiconPTSD Suicide Prevention Guidance

Online EMS Education Approval System
Online EMS Education Approval System directions
Verification of CEU's Instruction Form 
2020 Changes - For EMS Instructors
T-3 Physician Medical Director
T-4 Course Roster and Completion
T-5 Uniform CME Certificate
T-6 Uniform Skills Verification Certificate 
T-7 Review and Retrain Form
T-8 Parental Consent Form

Please see the List of the OEMS Education Forms for the description and explanation of the above listed forms.

OEMS Approval of EMS Continuing Education

OEMS Communication Statement (19-08) regarding the 2020 Changes to the EMS Certification Process can be found on the OEMS Communication and Resource Page.

Education & Training materials

EMT Administration of IM Epinephrine via Syringe (CME Approval CT-14-158, 3 hrs)
Hemorrhage Control for the EMS Provider (CME Approval CT-F4-159, 2hrs)
Aspirin Administration Scope of Practice Expansion
EMT 12-Lead ECG Acquisition & Transmission Scope of Practice Expansion (CME Approval CT-F4-160, 2 hrs.)
EMT Blood Glucose Monitoring (CME Approval CT-F4-161, 3 hrs.)
EMT CPAP Scope of Practice Expansion (CME Approval CT-F4-162, 2 hrs.)
BLS Naloxone Administration Scope of Practice Expansion (CME Approval CT-F4-163, 2 hrs.)
Spinal Motion Restriction Scope of Practice Expansion
Tourniquet use by EMRs Scope of Practice Expansion

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