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Looking for an EMR, EMT, AEMT or Paramedic initial or refresher course?

Current Approved EMS Provider Course listing (08/14/2019) can be found by clicking on link.  For specific course information such as meeting dates, times and fees, please contact the EMS Instructor at the number listed.

Connecticut and the National Registery of EMT (NREMT)

The Commissioner of Public Health has directed this office to seek national level standardization of certification of EMS personnel.  Currently, only EMT and paramedic personnel are required to take NREMT examinations, and no level of provider is required to maintain NREMT certification beyond initial certification.  Legislation has been proposed to adopt the NREMT as the entry level examination for all levels of EMS provider, including EMR, EMT, AEMT and paramedic.

This proposed legislation will also change the recertification requirement from the current refresher-based system to the NREMT National Continued Competency Program (NCCP) that allows for continuing education.  Information regarding the impact of the NREMT on various groups is listed below.

NREMT Connecticut FAQ

NREMT Connecticut FAQ for Sponsor Hospitals

NREMT Connecticut FAQ for EMS Instructors

EMS Instructor Listserv

The OEMS office operates an official email Listserv for EMS Instructors.  Listserv info and to subscribe.

Training Updates

This section includes EMSI-specific memos and Everbridge notifications sent out to certified EMS Instructors.  If you are a currently certified EMS Instructor and you are not receiving these notifications, please click here to send an email to be added to the database and begin receiving EMSI notifications.  Please include name, CT EMSI certification number, and a valid email address.

Below are recent Everbridge messages sent out related to Education & Training:

Education & Training materials

EMT Administration of IM Epinephrine via Syringe
Hemorrhage Control for the EMS Provider
Aspirin Administration Scope of Practice Expansion
EMT 12-Lead ECG Acquisition & Transmission Scope of Practice Expansion
EMT Blood Glucose Monitoring
EMT CPAP Scope of Practice Expansion
BLS Naloxone Administration Scope of Practice Expansion
Spinal Motion Restriction Scope of Practice Expansion
Tourniquet use by EMRs Scope of Practice Expansion

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