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EMS Communications and Reference Documents

OEMS Communications Statements are memos, statements and advisories published by OEMS and are used to notify EMS organizations of changes in scope of practice, legislative initiatives, incident-specific information sharing and other important information.

Important EMS Provider Resources and Connecticut-specific information links can be found on our EMS Provider Resource page.

Each title is a hyperlink to the document in pdf format.

2015-2020 STATE EMS PLAN  MELEquipList2020   2022MEL 

OEMS Communication Statements

Click on the year below to take you to the Communication Statements for that year, or simply scroll down the page for a list of all communication statements.


OEMS COMM 23-01 - Office of Victim Services (Jan 2023)


OEMS COMM 22-08 - Limits on Distributive Education (Sept 2022)

OEMS COMM 22-07 - EMS Regulation 19a-179-17(a)(2) - Revised (July 2022)

OEMS COMM 22-06 - Transition to NEMSIS version 3.5 (July 2022)

OEMS COMM 22-05 - 2022 Connecticut EMS Minimum Equipment List (May 2022)

OEMS COMM 22-04 - EMS Instructor Certification by NREMT (revised) (May 2022)

OEMS COMM 22-03 - EMT Clinical Experience Requirements (April 2022)

OEMS COMM 22-02 - EMS Instructor Certification by NREMT (April 2022)

OEMS COMM 22-01 - Release of CT Statewide EMS Protocols v2022.1 (April 2022)


OEMS COMM 21-02 - 2021 Legislation Pertaining to EMS Education (Aug 2021)

OEMS COMM 21-01 - COVID-19 Vaccine Administrator Training and Registration (Jan 2021)


OEMS COMM 20-12 - CT Statewide EMS Protocols v2020.2 (Sept 2020)

OEMS COMM 20-11 - Suspension of EMT Clinical Experience (July 2020)

OEMS COMM 20-10 - 2020 CT EMS Minimum Equipment List (May 2020)

OEMS COMM 20-09 - Resumption of Psychomotor Examinations with Modifications (May 2020)

OEMS COMM 20-08 - Online EMS Education Approval System (April 2020)

OEMS COMM 20-07 - COVID-19 EMS Protocol Updates (March 2020)

OEMS COMM 20-06 - Initial and Continuing EMS Education during COVID-19 (March 2020)

OEMS COMM 20-05 - Cancellation of Psychomotor Exams (March 2020)

OEMS COMM 20-04 - Suspension of EMT Clinical Experience (March 2020)

OEMS COMM 20-03 - Mental Health First Aid Certification Update (March 2020) 

OEMS COMM 20-02 - Communication Aid for Emergency Personnel (Feb 2020)

OEMS COMM 20-01 - CEMSTAR Modernization (Jan 2020)


OEMS COMM 19-09 - Mental Health First Aid Certification - Effective January 1, 2020 (Sept 2019)

OEMS COMM 19-08 - 2020 Changes to EMS Certification Process (Sept 2019)

OEMS COMM 19-07 - Inability of health care professionals to practice with reasonable skill or safety (Sept 2019)

OEMS COMM 19-06 - 2019 Connecticut Statewide EMS Protocols (June 2019)

OEMS COMM 19-05 - 2019 CT EMS Minimum Equipment List (Apr 2019)

OEMS COMM 19-04 - Minimum Equipment and Statewide EMS Protocols (Apr 2019)

OEMS COMM 19-03 - CT EMS Statewide Opioid Reporting Directive (SWORD) (Mar 2019)

OEMS COMM 19-02 - EMT Scope of Practice Expansion: Intramuscular Epinephrine by Syringe (Feb 2019)

OEMS COMM 19-01 - Reporting requirements regarding accident reports (Jan 2019)


OEMS COMM 18-08 - Clarification regarding working outside of the 911 system (Nov 2018)



OEMS COMM 17-10 - Release of v2017.2 of the CT Statewide EMS Protocols (Oct 2017)









2012 and prior

Tactical EMS (May 2010)
SMART Training (Jul 2009)
Mass Gathering Event Planning (May 2007)

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