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CT Stormwater Resources

NEMO Website

NEMO Town Drainage Basin Maps

CTDEP Town Drainage Basin List

CTDEP Coastal Management Manual

General Stormwater Resources

Stormwater Web Links

Includes links to a number of the following websites along with local links to examples of Municipal/MS4 Stormwater Program Pages.

Stormwater Publications Including Permits and Forms

Case studies, example and general permits, fact sheets and outreach materials, permit applications and forms, policy and guidance documents, program status reports, technical and issue papers.

Publications and Information Sources

Links to documents on topics such as agriculture, urban, marinas, wetlands, forestry, and general topics.

EPA’s Urban Watershed Branch

Contains resources, tools, and data on wet weather flows

Center for Watershed Protection

Provides technical information, model ordinances, articles, workshops and much more.


The Journal for Surface Water Quality Professionals offers free subscription to those in the stormwater field, as well as access to past issues.

North Central Texas Council of Governments

Contains fact sheets and information, some on Texas and some more general information.

Stormwater Managers Resources Center

Extensive site containing a library, slideshows, ordinance documents, fact sheets, etc.

California Department of Transportation Stormwater Website

California State Water Resources Control Board Homepage

Contains general and specific technical information and links to other resources:

Wisconsin Clean Water Program

A very extensive site of resources, publications, and program links (most Wisconsin related).

Links to Other Stormwater Sites

"Oregon Municipal Stormwater Toolbox for Maintenance Practices"

Includes BMPs and recommendations for:
- Developing A Water Quality Friendly Maintenance Program
- Maintaining The Storm Sewer System
- Maintaining And Repairing Roadways
- Maintaining Roadside Areas
- Keeping A Clean Maintenance Shop/Yard
- Storing and Disposing of Waste Materials
- Educating Maintenance Staff About Stormwater Quality
- Educating and Informing The Public About Stormwater Quality
- Other Sources of Information and Toolbox References
Created by the Oregon Association of Clean Water Agencies (ORACWA), an "organization of local government agencies working to maintain and enhance the quality of lakes, rivers and streams in Oregon."

Stormwater News

Provides information regarding stormwater pollution, treatment methodologies, and related issues. Has a library where research papers, software, and information regarding Nonpoint Source Pollution, Best Management Practices, upcoming conferences, NPDES, TMDLs, and other Stormwater topics can be downloaded.

Terrene Institute

Site contains materials including publications and fact sheets on wet weather issues.

Office of Water – BASINS

Link to EPA’s Office of Water analysis system in performing watershed and water-quality based studies.

Massachusetts DEP Bureau of Resource Protection

Wetlands and Waterways Publications – Stormwater Management Information

There are a number of other useful documents found here as well.

Metropolitan North Georgia Planning District

Watershed planning information including several model stormwater ordinances for post-construction, open space development, flood management, litter control, illicit discharges and others.

Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development

Water Efficiency Codes/Ordinances- lists a number of state and model ordinances related to stormwater and water conservation.


SIC Codes

NAICS and SIC Code Correspondence Tables


International Erosion Control Association

An online erosion control training course at their Online Institute.


National Stormwater Best Management Practices Database

EPA’s Site for Best Management Practices

Provides links to EPA documents and websites on the topic of BMPs.

Green Grid Roof system

Roof-top gardens

Roofscapes, Inc.

Roof-top gardens – has case studies

Uncommon Plants

Contains links to rooftop gardening with articles and photographs.


Contains links to roof-top gardens with information and photographs.

Northern Virginia Regional Commission – Environmental Services Division

Newsletter – contains articles related to BMPs, TMDLs, and watershed issues


Funding for Stormwater Programs

Local Government Assistance Network

Self proclaimed "first-stop shop" providing environmental management, planning, and regulatory information for local government elected and appointed officials, managers and staff.

“One-Stop Shop” web site for Federal Grants

Office of the Chief Financial Officer - Environmental Finance Program

“Answers the ‘How to Pay’ question”

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

Contains a searchable database to find assistance programs meeting particular requirements and for which a program is eligible. The site also contains aids to guide in writing of a proposal for this assistance.  Under “Find Assistance Programs” search for “stormwater”.

Catalog of Federal Funding Sources for Watershed Protection

Phase II   

EPA Fact Sheets for the Phase II Rule

Measurable Goals Guidance for Phase II Small MS4s

Contains links to: background and regulatory context of the 6 minimum measures, process for developing measurable goals. Examples of BMPs, process for developing a stormwater management program, and environmental indicators.

Education and Outreach

Outreach Links

Provides EPA and non-EPA links to outreach on a number of topics.

Stormwater Trust

Information for stormwater outreach.

American Oceans Campaign

Stormwater resources, educational materials, and links to other sites

National Conference on Tools for Urban Water Resource Management and Protection

Conference was designed to facilitate the educational process and transfer state of the art information on water quality management and protection tools to state, regional, and local urban water quality practitioners:

Education BMPs - Pet Waste

From the Chesapeake Bay

From Canada

Cooperative Extension Washington State University - Whatcom County Water Resources

Newsletter - discusses various issues with wet weather and discusses pet waste pick up

Project WET – Water Education for Teachers

Water Education Foundation

Site contains educational materials and resources for information about water resource issues.

Adopt a Stream Foundation

Educational site that helps teach people to become stewards of their watersheds.

Oregon Solutions

Site discusses sustainability in relation to government, citizens and communities, business and economy, environment, and universities.  The site also provides tools and resources.

Non-point Education for Municipal Officials (NEMO)

“An educational program for land use decision makers that addresses the relationship of land use to natural resource protection.”

Natural Resources Defense Council – Stormwater Strategies, Community Responses to Runoff Pollution

On-line report that documents some of the most effective strategies being employed by communities around the country to control urban runoff pollution. The collection of 100 case studies compiled and evaluated here is intended to serve as a guide for local decision makers, municipal officials, and environmental activists.  Now includes a chapter on low-impact development.  Also available on CD.



EPA site with links to technical support documents, policy documents, training information,  regulatory information, etc.

Low Impact Development/Smart Growth

National Governors Association

Link to document: “New Community Design (NCD) to the Rescue” – “offers a distinct alternative to the developmental "sprawl" that has dominated real estate growth over the last 50 years. NCD principles can be used to create vibrant neighborhoods of housing, parks, and schools within walking distance of shops, civic services, jobs, and transit - in short, a modern version of the traditional American town of times past.”

Low Impact Development

The non-profit Low Impact Development Center website provides information on conferences, training as well as publications on BMPs and Low Impact Development strategies and design.

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES)

MCES supports the Metropolitan Council’s (a governmental body in the seven county area around Minnesota’s Twin Cities and St. Paul) smart growth mission by protecting the public health and environment and providing customers efficient and effective water resources management.

The site contains an Urban Small Sites Best Management Practice Manual.

Chesapeake Bay Program

Provides an introduction to the Environmentally Sensitive Design Practices (ESDP) Database.  Site contains links to ESDPs related to aquatic buffers, site design, erosion and sediment control, land conservation, land use planning, non-stormwater discharges, stewardship programs, and stormwater management. 

Non-Point Source Resources

EPA’s Non-Point Source Control Program

Contains outreach information, publications and information resources, and information on funding opportunities.

Non-point Source Pointers

Fact Sheets

Guidance Specifying Management Measures for Sources of Non-point Pollution in Coastal Waters

Watershed Chemical Control Standards

Draft Guidance on Non-Point Source Reduction

EPA has put up a draft guidance which is intended to provide technical assistance to State, local, and tribal program managers and others on the best available, economically achievable means of reducing non-point source pollution of surface and ground water through the protection and restoration of wetlands and riparian areas, as well as through the implementation of vegetated treatment systems.

Non-point Source Urban Library

Many good reference documents, including model ordinances, low impact development literature, and links to other stormwater related sites.

January 2001, Best Urban NPS Documents, USEPA

This link highlights some of the best non-point source materials for professionals and the public, includes documents on agriculture, forestry, monitoring, funding, urban, etc.

EPA Newsletter - Non-Point Source Notes

Non Point Source List Server 

Water Quality

USGS National Water Quality Assessment Program

Provides links to programs, data, publications, etc. on all aspects of water quality and the human factors that affect the quality of these resources.

USGS – “The Quality of Our Nations Waters”

“The first two sections provide a general overview of findings on nutrients and pesticides and their implications for water-resource management and protection. More detailed technical discussions of the sources, distributions, and potential effects of these chemicals are provided in subsequent sections.”

Stormwater Runoff Science/Engineering Newsletter Devoted to Stormwater-Runoff Water Quality Issues

List of past newsletters and link to subscribe to emailed newsletter.  Newsletters address many aspects of stormwater.