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Slow Down for Work Zones

You’re driving down a Connecticut roadway and you see an orange sign, orange barrels or cones up ahead. That’s your cue to Obey the Orange – slow down and pay attention. You’re about to enter a work zone. Speeding and driving distracted in work zones cause thousands of crashes every year and puts lives in danger. The Department of Transportation’s Work Zone Safety Awareness Committee strives to eliminate crashes in work zones to protect the lives of workers, drivers, passengers and pedestrians.
Highway Workers Memorial

Lives are on the Line

On any given day in Connecticut, hundreds of men and women put their lives on the line to make our roadways safe. They are our mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, friends, sisters and brothers. The Fallen Highway Worker Memorial in Newington honors all of the workers who have lost their lives in work zone crashes. It’s a reminder that split-second decisions can take a life needlessly.  Every time you drive through a work zone is an opportunity for you to slow down and save lives. 
Terri The Turtle

Meet Terri the Turtle

Introducing the newest advocate for Work Zone Safety. Terri the Turtle makes appearances across the state to remind drivers to “Obey the Orange” and “Slow Down for Work Zones.” Look for Terri at Hartford Athletic matches and other sports venues, as well as school and community events. Just a kid herself, Terri loves meeting children, passing out giveaways and teaching everyone, young and old, about work zone safety.
The Tribute Campaign

There are People Behind Those Cones

When you drive through a work zone, it’s easy to get frustrated about delays and to forget that there are people working, right there, just steps behind that cone or barrel. Through public service announcements, we’re reminding drivers to think of the people wearing the vests working on the roadway in a work zone – and slow down!