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Our Mission

The Connecticut Department of Transportation, through the Work Zone Safety Awareness Standing Committee, is working to reduce crashes in work zones to zero through education, advocacy and special projects. We work tirelessly with law enforcement, legislators, roadway workers and the general public to save lives. 


We work with lawmakers and law enforcement to push for stronger enforcement of traffic laws in work zones and harsher penalties for violators. For example, in past years, we’ve successfully lobbied for “double fines” in work zones for speeding. Currently, we’re supporting the Work Zone Speed Camera Program becoming a permanent program through legislation, whose pilot program was a successful endeavor.

Speed Safety Camera Program

In 2023, the CTDOT rolled out a one-year pilot program aimed at reducing speeding, crashes, injuries and fatalities in work zones. The program used speed safety cameras to capture information about vehicles that speed through select work zones. The registered owners of vehicles caught speeding were issued warnings or citations by mail.


Terri the Turtle


The Work Zone Safety mascots and volunteers make appearances at sports venues, community and school events and more. Through educational materials and fun giveaways, our friendly mascots remind everyone to Obey the Orange and slow down for work zones. When you see us in public, come say hi and share a story about your work zone experience!

Terri the Turtle!

Who better than a turtle to remind motorists to slow down?! Named after long-time work zone safety advocate, Terri Thompson, Terri the Turtle Terri loves meeting with the public, and she always has some fun, educational giveaways in her turtle shell backpack. Just a kid herself, Terri especially loves meeting with other youngsters for hugs and high-fives.

Bring a Mascot to your Event!
Email us at DOT.CTWorkZone@ct.gov

slow down sam - mascot of safety sam

Slow Down Sam

He’s one cool cone. Sam is a walking, dancing, skating, ball playing traffic cone with a simple message for all motorists– when you see orange cones like me on the road, slow down! Sam loves spending time on Connecticut roadways, and he really gets around. He’s been seen skating with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers and Hartford Wolfpack, playing ball with the Norwich Sea Unicorns and dancing with kids and families at events across the state.
work zone wally - mascot

Work Zone Wally

Wally cuts an imposing figure, standing almost 11 feet tall. But don’t be intimidated. He has a glowing personality, thanks to reflective patches encircling his body. The elder statesman of the group, Wally was born on April 24, 2012 when highway workers from Tilcon, CT constructed him out of recycled traffic barrels, cones and tires. Not as animated as his fellow mascots, Wally is nonetheless dedicated to spreading the word about work zone safety. Keep an eye out for him (and his inflated alter ego) at an eventand look out for his cousins created by various Contractors on the side of roadways throughout the state.
darryl the barrel mascot

Darryl the Barrel Dog

A rare breed, the barrel terrier is considered one of the brightest dogs in the world. Just look at his gleaming orange coat and reflective patches. At 42 inches tall, Darryl is no runt of the litter. He’s as big as a Saint Bernard and just as focused on saving lives. Darryl is Work Zone Wally’s best friend, and like his master, he’s made of recycled barrels and cones. Like all dogs, he’s incredibly loyal to Wally and all the roadway workers in Connecticut. You can see him at schools, meetings, sporting events and work zones throughout the state, waving his orange flag. 


As part of our educational efforts, these PSAs, airing on TV and online, help raise awareness of work zone safety and remind drivers why Obeying the Orange is so important. 
The Tribute Campaign

The Tribute

There are lives behind those cones. This poignant PSA is a tribute to workers who’ve lost their lives in work zones – and to the families they’ve left behind.
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The Signs Campaign

The Signs

This PSA reminds drivers that they’re not just slowing down for work zones, they’re slowing down for our friends and family members. 
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Get The Message Campaign

Get the Message

Those orange signs at work zones should be telling you something. This memorable campaign of PSAs cleverly reminds drivers to Obey the Orange… or else.
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