Cold Case Investigations


THE COLD CASE UNIT was established in the Office of the Chief State's Attorney in May of 1998 to focus special investigative efforts on crimes that have gone "cold," that is, unsolved for a prolonged period of time. Since the inception of the original unit, cold case investigations have resulted in arrests and convictions in approximately four dozen previously unsolved homicides. Additionally, Cold Case investigators have been involved in investigations that resulted in the Federal court convictions of several homicide cases.

Cold Case Units bring together experienced prosecutors and investigators from the Division of Criminal Justice (Office of the Chief State's Attorney and State's Attorneys) to work closely with the Connecticut State Police and municipal police departments. These investigators start from scratch, reviewing all evidence and taking a fresh look at the crime. This work relies upon the latest investigative techniques and the newest technology, including highly sophisticated DNA analysis. Many of these techniques were not available when the crimes occurred and the original investigations were undertaken.

The Cold Case Unit in the Office of the Chief State's Attorney currently includes Inspectors from the Division of Criminal Justice and Hartford Police detectives. At various times, the unit has also included investigators from the State of Connecticut Department of Correction, the Greenwich Police Department, Norwalk Police Department, East Hampton Police Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The various State's Attorneys also facilitate cold case task forces working in collaboration with police departments in the Judicial District.

The Cold Case approach is not unique to Connecticut. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and many other state and local jurisdictions also have Cold Case Units or Squads.

The email address for the Cold Case Unit is  

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Toll-Free Tip Line
Hartford Area Tip Line 860-548-0606

Statewide by U.S. Mail: Cold Case Unit P.O. Box 962 Rocky Hill, CT 06067

Cold Case Playing Cards

The Division of Criminal Justice in partnership with the Connecticut Department of Correction and law enforcement agencies statewide have created a Cold Case playing card deck highlighting 52 unsolved homicides, missing persons, and unidentified remains cases that have occurred throughout the state. These cards are being distributed in an effort to generate information and leads in solving these cold cases. Every tip has the potential to bring law enforcement one step closer to obtaining justice for victims and a sense of closure for their surviving family members. All tips remain anonymous.

To view the Cold Case Playing Cards, click the below links to access the various decks:

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