What is a durational shortage area permit?

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School districts using a durational shortage area permit in CT

A DSAP authorizes service in Connecticut schools when applicants have been determined to be missing requirements for the certification area being taught. Districts can apply for a DSAP using the ED 177 application. The ED 177 application may be submitted directly to SDEdistricts.cert@ct.gov or the form can be mailed to the address noted on top of the form. Copies of paper-based applications submitted through the mail cannot be accepted.

DSAP applications should be for permanent placement and meet the following requirements:


  • The candidate must hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited higher education institution and 12 semester hours of credit must be completed in the area to be taught.
  • For certificates that require an approved educator preparation program, applicants must enroll in the program before qualifying for a DSAP.
  • For teachers adding an additional endorsement, the ED 177 is not required unless an approved educator preparation program is required to add the cross-endorsement.
  • Once a DSAP is approved, the hiring board of education should input the person into the Educator Data System (EDS).
  • A person who is issued a DSAP is not enrolled in the Teacher Education and Mentoring (TEAM) program


Submitting Applications for Temporary Authorizations

Durational Shortage Area Permits or Substitute Teacher Permits Beyond 60 Days 

If the employing district is interested in seeking a temporary authorization for an educator, please submit one type of application form and allow eligibility to be determined before submitting additional applications for the same position. If the district needs assistance in selecting the appropriate application, please contact the Bureau of Certification to determine which temporary authorization is most appropriate for the assignment.

If an application for Durational Shortage Area Permit (DSAP) is submitted and the candidate is determined ineligible, the Bureau will notify the district. At that time, the district may then submit the ED 175 - Extension of Substitute Teacher Authorization Beyond the 60-Day Limit (LTS) application. The Bureau will honor the original application submission date of the DSAP application when processing the LTS authorization.



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