What are the requirements for teaching remedial reading and language arts

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Remedial Reading and Remedial Language Arts, Grades 1-12 (#102) Cross-Endorsement

The requirements outlined on this page are general guidelines. Approval and/or acceptance of specific course work will be determined once an application, fee, and official transcripts have been submitted for review.

In order to be eligible for the #102 endorsement, Connecticut regulations require the completion of an approved planned program of preparation in remedial reading, leading to an institutional recommendation.

For a list of approved programs in Connecticut, please refer to the Guide to Approved Educator Preparation Programs in Connecticut.

Requirements for this endorsement include:


  • Completion of a state-approved program specific to remedial reading and remedial language arts, leading to formal institutional recommendation on Connecticut’s Statement of Preparing Higher Education Institution.
  • An application using either form ED 170A for CT programs or form ED 125 for out of state programs.
  • Completion of at least 30 school months of successful, appropriate classroom teaching experience; and
  • Passing score on the Pearson Reading Specialist Test.

Coursework and Programs

Planned programs in literacy or reading (as opposed to remedial reading) may not meet the requirements for this endorsement. In addition, the Connecticut State Department of Education is not able to formally approve any out-of-state programs. However, educators who have completed literacy or reading programs that included such course work as follows may apply and be reviewed for eligibility:

  • Developmental reading
  • Reading in content areas
  • Diagnosis and remediation of reading and language arts difficulties
  • Clinical practices in reading and language arts (at least 6 credits)
  • Language arts
  • Tests and measurements

Please note: Course work for all endorsements must result in the award of college-level credit posted to an official transcript from an accredited college or university.