How do I add special services endorsements?

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Applying for a special services endorsement (#068, #070 & #071)

The first step to adding a special services endorsement to your certificate is to complete an online application through the Connecticut Educator Certification System (C.E.C.S.) or paper-based ED 170 application OR ED 170A for in-state, Connecticut programs.

Mail the paper-based application and review fee and payment to the address on the top of the form.


If you complete your renewal application online, you can submit your payment by credit card.

If you choose to mail your application, acceptable payment forms (money order, cashier’s check, or certified bank check) and the mailing address are located at the top of the form.

The total cost of a separate initial educator is $200, including the $50 nonrefundable review fee.

Important Note: Emailed or faxed paper-based applications and forms with signatures cannot be accepted. The original versions must be mailed.


Please allow approximately 2-3 months for processing after submitting your application. Once all required documentation has been received, determination of eligibility may take several months. All applications are processed in the order by which they were submitted.  

Due to the large volume of e-transcripts received, e-transcripts may expire before the file is reviewed. If possible, please submit a paper-based official transcript in the sealed envelope to avoid delays.