How do I apply for a coaching permit if I am already a certified educator?

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Applying for an initial 5-year coaching permit for certified educators


If you are already a certified educator, the application process to receive your coaching permit for the first time requires a few additional steps.

Step 1: Required Courses

Before you apply for your permit, you must complete the following courses:

  • Module 15 concussion and neck injury management course
  • First aid
  • CPR

    CPR and first aid courses must be completed in person. Online-only formats will not be accepted.

    Step 2: Apply

    After you have completed the required courses, you are free to apply for your permit. Use the Connecticut Educator Certification System (C.E.C.S.) to apply online. If you prefer a paper-based application, submit an ED185 form.

    Step 3: Submit Your Documents

    Emailed or faxed paper-based applications and forms with signatures cannot be accepted. Mail all required documents to the following address:

    Connecticut State Department of Education
    Bureau of Educator Standards and Certification
    P.O. Box 150471
    Hartford, CT 06115-0471


    Standard processing of coaching applications takes 6-8 weeks from the original date of submission.


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