How do I apply for my first teaching certificate?

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Applying for certification 

Please follow the process below if you completed an approved educator preparation program in Connecticut. We have different processes for non-public school teachers, vocational teachers, and teachers from outside the state. 

We will process your applications in 2-3 months. 

1. Application form 

Apply using our secure online system or mail us a completed ED 170A application form. Include your $50 nonrefundable application review payment. 

IMPORTANT: We don’t accept personal checks. If you apply by mail, please pay with a cashier’s check, certified bank check, or money order made payable to: Treasurer, State of Connecticut.

2. Official transcripts 

You can either mail us your official undergraduate/graduate transcript in its sealed envelope OR have the university send your e-transcript to us at

IMPORTANT: Due to the large volume of e-transcripts our office receives daily, your e-transcript may expire before our team is able to download and scan it into your file. If possible, please mail an official transcript in its original sealed envelope to: 
Bureau of Educator Standards and Certification
Connecticut State Department of Education
PO Box 150471
Hartford, CT  06115-0471


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