How are elementary and early childhood cross-endorsements added?

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Elementary and early childhood cross-endorsements for Connecticut educators

The following endorsements apply to elementary and early childhood educators:


  • Elementary, 1-6 (305)
  • Integrated Early Childhood/Special Education, Birth-Kindergarten (112)
  • Integrated Early Childhood/Elementary Education N-3 and Special Education N-K (113)

The requirements outlined on this page are general guidelines. Approval and/or acceptance of specific course work will be determined once an application, fee, and official transcripts have been submitted for review.

Elementary, 1-6 (#305)

The following requirements must be met for an elementary endorsement:

A list of approved courses for elementary cross-endorsement is available on our website.

Early Childhood/Special Education (#112 and #113)

The #112 and #113 endorsements require the completion of a specific planned program, leading to an institutional recommendation. Course work, experience, and assessment requirements will be determined by the college or university. For in-state programs, see the Guide to Approved Educator Preparation Programs in Connecticut.

Please note: Coursework for all endorsements must result in the award of college-level credit posted to an official transcript from an accredited college or university.