How are elementary and early childhood cross-endorsements added?

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Elementary and early childhood cross-endorsements for Connecticut educators

The following endorsements apply to elementary and early childhood educators:


  • Elementary, 1-6 (305)
  • Integrated Early Childhood/Special Education, Birth-Kindergarten (112)
  • Integrated Early Childhood/Elementary Education N-3 and Special Education N-K (113)

The requirements outlined on this page are general guidelines. Approval and/or acceptance of specific course work will be determined once an application, fee, and official transcripts have been submitted for review.

Elementary, 1-6 (#305)

The following requirements must be met for an elementary endorsement:

A list of approved courses for elementary cross-endorsement is available on our website.

Early Childhood/Special Education (#112 and #113)

The #112 and #113 endorsements require the completion of a specific planned program, leading to an institutional recommendation. Course work, experience, and assessment requirements will be determined by the college or university. For in-state programs, see the Guide to Approved Educator Preparation Programs in Connecticut.

To be eligible for the #112 and/or #113 endorsements Connecticut regulations previously required the completion of a state-approved program specific to integrated early childhood/special education, resulting in an institutional recommendation. New legislation has now been passed which will allow for the #112 and #113 endorsements to be added to an existing teaching certificate based on meeting certain coursework and testing requirements (an appropriate institutional recommendation will continue to be accepted, but will no longer be required).

As this legislation just went into effect on July 1, 2023, the CSDE is now determining the specific coursework, field experiences, and/or testing which will be required to add these additional endorsements. Once new requirements are finalized, they will be posted on the website.

Please note: Coursework for all endorsements must result in the award of college-level credit posted to an official transcript from an accredited college or university.