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How do I add a foreign language endorsement to my certificate?

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Foreign Language Cross-Endorsements

The following are foreign language endorsements:


  • French, 7-12 (#018)
  • German, 7-12 (#019)
  • Italian, 7-12 (#020)
  • Russian, 7-12 (#022)
  • Spanish, 7-12 (#023)
  • Other World Language, 7-12 (#024)
  • Portuguese, 7-12 (#317)
  • Mandarin Chinese, 7-12 (#318)
  • Latin, 7-12 (#021)
  • World Language Instructor – Elementary (#101)

The requirements outlined on this page are general guidelines. Approval and/or acceptance of specific course work will be determined once an application, fee, and official transcripts have been submitted for review.

Foreign Language, 7-12 (#018, #019, #020, #022, #023, #024, #317, #318)

Effective July 1, 2018, educators who hold a valid initial, provisional, or professional educator certificate with a teaching endorsement may be eligible for an additional endorsement in a world language area by obtaining a passing score on the appropriate American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) tests. Additional course work in the content area is no longer required. Please note: this legislation does not apply to Latin, 7-12 (#021) or World Language Instructor – Elementary (#101).

Latin, 7–12 (#021)

  • 24 semester hours of credit in Latin, OR
  • 18 semester hours of credit in Latin, if course work was started at the intermediate level, OR
  • 12 semester hours of credit in Latin, if course work was started at the advanced level, AND
  • 6 semester hours including course work in: methods and materials for teaching foreign language, and language acquisition.

World Language Instructor – Elementary (#101)

  • Must hold or meet all requirements for a secondary foreign language certificate;
  • Three semester hours of credit in language acquisition in young children; and
  • Three semester hours of credit in methods and materials for teaching foreign language at the elementary level.

A list of approved courses for the elementary foreign language cross-endorsement is available.

Please note: Course work for all endorsements must result in the award of college-level credit posted to an official transcript from an accredited college or university.