EMS Instructor Initial Certification

List of approved EMS Instructor Trainers

An EMS Instructor applicant must meet the following requirements:

    • Hold current Connecticut EMT or AEMT certification or paramedic licensure at the time of application.
    • Hold current NREMT certification (NREMT, NRAEMT or NRP) at the time of application.
    • Have 24 months of EMS experience in a Connecticut ambulance or rescue organization or in the emergency medical care field as approved by the Department during the previous 36 months
    • Successful completion of a Department-approved EMS instructor course of training, or acceptable substitute (examples listed below), within the previous 24 months.  
      • DPH OEMS approved EMS-I Course; or
      • NAEMSE Instructor level 1 and 2; or
      • Police Officer Standards of Training Instructor*; or
      • Fire Service Instructor Level 3*; or
      • US Military EMS Instructor; or
      • EMS Instructor training from another state, provided such training followed the latest
        NHTSA "Guidelines for Educating EMS Instructors"; or
      • Master’s Degree in Education, or
      • Connecticut Teacher Certificate.
  • Completion of 25 hours of student teaching under the supervision of two currently certified Connecticut EMS instructors, in OEMS approved courses
  • Completion of a DPH OEMS regulation and procedure orientation (this may be included in an initial EMS-I course)

*Applicants must complete a supplemental module provided by a current EMS "instructor trainer".

Documentation Requirements:

  • A completed online application on the Connecticut elicense website for EMS-I certification.
  • Evidence of completion of an EMS-I training course (diploma or certificate)
    • May substitute other evidence as listed above
  • Evidence of completion of 25 hours of student teaching.  Sample Letter 
  • Letter(s) of endorsement from two currently certified EMS instructors. Sample Letter
  • Letter from chief of EMS service verifying 24 months experience. Sample Letter

Individuals who have successfully completed an OEMS approved emergency medical services instructor course or its equivalent, more than two years prior to the date of application for emergency medical services instructor certification, shall provide evidence of at least fifty (50) hours of teaching experience every two years since completion of the course, on forms provided by the Department. 

Please note that EMS instructor certification through endorsement of an out-of-state certification is not available.  An instructor from another state must follow the initial certification process above.