Wrong-Way Countermeasures

Over the past few years, Traffic Engineering has been working on prevention measures for wrong way drivers on our interstate off-ramps. Some of the improvements have included:

  • In 2015-2016 CTDOT upgraded signage at approximately 700 off-ramps. Signs say, “Wrong Way”, “Do Not Enter” and “One Way” and oversized and go above federal signage standards.
  • Pavement markings include directional pavement arrows, double-wide stop lines, and edge lines.
  • Where possible, traffic light green signals are replaced with directional arrows to clearly indicate a direction a driver should head.
  • Placing over 500 “Wrong Way” signs on the back of speed limit signs, approximately one every mile so a driver will see this sign every minute of travel time.
Wrong Way And Speed Limit Sign Placement Wrong Way Sign Traffic Signal Arrow Light

Legislation signed by Governor Lamont in 2023 directs UConn to begin testing the use of directional rumble strips that alert drivers through vibration and sound when driving the wrong way and directs CTDOT to pilot the use of variable electronic message signs along the highway to alert motorists of a potential wrong-way driver.

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