1. Property will be advertised informing of a scheduled open house. At the time of the open house, prospective tenants can view the interior of the structure.

  2. If interested in renting, the prospective tenant must complete a rental application with the rental amount that they are willing to pay.

  3. All applications are subject to review.

  4. A credit check will be done on the top applicant(s).


The rental of housing is on a month-to-month basis with no long-term commitment as to term of the rental. This is done to allow the State to terminate the rental if the property is needed for State use. In the event the property becomes available for sale, houses are sold by public bid to the highest bidder. Tenants who are interested in purchasing a State owned house should follow the instructions for the purchasing bid process.

Rental applications can be obtained from the website or by calling the Leasing Section of Property Management at (860) 594-2474.

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