Welcome to the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s (ConnDOT) website for the Merritt Parkway Multi-use Trail Feasibility Study. For many years, bicycle and pedestrian advocates have proposed the idea of a trail within the Parkway corridor that would accommodate non-motorized users. The purpose of the study is to determine whether this type of facility is appropriate, by documenting and analyzing the many factors which would need to be considered and addressed.  This includes any effects on the scenic and historic character of the Parkway and the solicitation and evaluation of stakeholder input. This study must be completed prior to any actual design development and should take approximately 18 months.

The Merritt Parkway Meriden Trail

The study was made possible by a grant from the National Scenic Byways Program, obtained in the amount of $1.096 million. By exploring the links on this website, you can gain a better understanding of the process that will be used to guide the study, some of the issues to be addressed, as well as the unique history and characteristics of the Merritt Parkway.

                  The purpose of this website is to provide information about:

  • The progress of the study.
  • Upcoming informational meetings and community workshops.
  • Cultural resources (that will affect) the study

       This website will also provide a forum for collecting input from the public.


Starting with the formation of the Merritt Parkway Working Group in 1992, improvements along the Merritt Parkway, long dubbed the ‘Queen of Parkways’, have involved an integrated, collaborative approach based upon guidance documents, and stakeholder involvement. Additional information about this process can be found at the Department’s Merritt Parkway Improvement Projects webpage. The extensive public outreach involved in this study will complement ConnDOT’s broader efforts to promote community participation in the transportation decision making process.