Traffic and Travel Mobile Apps

Disclaimer: The Connecticut Department of Transportation provides links to the apps on this page as a public service. The apps are written by third parties and CTDOT shall not be held responsible for the content of third-party websites or any issue arising from the use of third-party applications. CTDOT neither endorses any third-party products listed here nor makes any guarantees or representations as to accuracy or reliability.

Since CTDOT cannot guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of the information, the user of the apps should plan his or her travel accordingly. Those relying on the information provided by the apps do so at their own risk, and neither the Connecticut Department of Transportation nor any of its employees or agents shall be liable for the accuracy of the information on the apps, the functioning of the apps, or any actions taken in reliance thereon.

NEVER USE ANY OF THESE APPS WHILE DRIVING. Stop at a Rest Area or hand your phone to your passenger and ask them to use the information provided by the app. CTDOT assumes no liability for damage and/or injury caused by the misuse of smartphones or smartphone apps while driving in a moving vehicle. The user assumes all liability for use or misuse of these apps on a smartphone.

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