Pursuant to Sections 14-311 and 14-311c of the Connecticut General Statutes (CGS), a certificate is required from the Office of the State Traffic Administration (OSTA) for all new major traffic generators/expansions/land use changes that trigger the need for mitigation or traffic safety measures on the State highway system. Major Traffic Generator certification involves a multi-step process. However, before proceeding to Step 1 of the certification process, as noted below, the development plan must have been submitted for local planning and zoning approval. Step 1 involves approval of the traffic volume data associated with the major traffic generator/expansion/land use change. The Pre-Certificate Application Traffic Volume Data Requirements Form details the information necessary for traffic volume data review. For questions regarding Traffic Volume Information, please contact Gary Sojka, Transportation Supervising Planner, at Gary.Sojka@ct.gov. The completed form and associated information must be submitted to OSTA for review. OSTA will advise regarding approval or rejection of the volume data. An applicant may then move on to Step 2, a mandatory pre-certificate application submittal meeting. Once the volume data is approved, it will be valid for 240 days. If the mandatory pre-certificate application submittal meeting and subsequent formal certificate application do not take place within that 240 day window, then the applicant must go back to the beginning of the Step 1 traffic volume data review/approval process and proceed accordingly.


**NEW** Trip Generation Guidelines - October 2023

The Step 2 mandatory pre-certificate application submittal meeting is required by Section 14-311 paragraph (f) of the CGS. The statute mandates that before an individual or entity submits an application for major traffic generator certification to OSTA, such individual or entity must attend a mandatory pre-certificate application submital meeting with OSTA and other staff from the Department of Transportation (Department). The Pre-Certificate Application meeting guide details the information necessary for the mandatory meeting. Any major traffic generator that has financing which includes State or Federal funding sources will require the completion and submission of the Department's Bicycle and Pedestrian Travel Needs Assessment Form, found here. OSTA will set up the mandatory meeting a minimum of two (2) weeks from the date that all the information in the Pre-Certificate meeting guide is received by OSTA.  At such meeting, the individual or entity intending to submit a formal application shall present the proposed development to Department staff and receive feedback including, but not limited to, information as to what needs to be submitted for an application to be considered complete. As previously noted, the volume data is valid for 240 days from the date it is approved. If the formal submittal does not take place within that 240 day window, the applicant must go back to the beginning of the Step 1 traffic volume data review/approval process and proceed accordingly.
The certificate application form/checklist details the required information that must be submitted to OSTA for the Step 3 formal certificate application. A Traffic Investigation Report (TIR) detailing the required mitigation and recommending that a certificate be issued will be prepared for OSTA consideration when the submitted information is fully vetted by the Department.  The Executive Director of the OSTA will act on the TIR. If approved, then a certificate may be issued by OSTA, contingent on satisfaction of any Department recommendations that must be completed prior to certificate issuance. All TIRs will have a minimum of two standard Department recommendations that must be satisfied prior to certificate issuance. The first will be posting the bond noted in the TIR with the appropriate District Maintenance Office. The second will be filing the TIR on the land records in the municipality where the major traffic generator is located. See Below for Samples: Approved New Certificate with Overall Site Plan Approved New Certificate with Aerial Overall Site plan

Approved Certificate Expansion with Overall Site Plan

Approved Roadway Plan

As of November 16, 2015 the following Engineering Bulletin must be considered in the hydraulic information/analysis submitted regarding major traffic generators.  Engineering Bulletin EB-2015-2 (Precipitation Frequency Estimates) has been issued and posted on the Engineering and Construction Information Resources web page.

Please be advised that the Department separately regulates all work in the State highway right of way under the encroachment permit review process (i.e., utility connections, driveway curb cuts, roadway widening, etc.) The issuance of a certificate does not preclude the need for an encroachment permit. CLICK TO VIEW MORE DETAILED INFORMATION REGARDING THE ENCROACHMENT PERMIT REVIEW PROCESS.

Certificate Review flowchart

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