Automated Traffic Enforcement Safety Device Program
Red-light and Speed Safety Camera Guidelines for Connecticut Municipalities



  • Municipalities are required to prepare a plan, create an ordinance, hold a public hearing, and submit the final plan to CTDOT for approval prior to the use an automated traffic enforcement safety device.
  • CTDOT prepared guidelines for municipalities to consider when developing the required plan for the use of automated traffic enforcement safety devices. The guidelines also include the submittal, review, and approval process conducted by CTDOT.  
  • CTDOT has 60 days to approve the municipalities’ plan once all the required elements have been submitted. A plan is valid for three years from the date the plan was approved. Municipalities are permitted to modify their plan and all modifications must follow the same submittal, review, and approval process as the initial plan. Approval of any modifications to the plan also expire on the same date the originally approved plan expires.
  • Municipalities need to submit a report to CTDOT and the CT General Assembly no later than 18 months after the automated traffic enforcement safety device becomes operational. Annual reports will also be submitted to CTDOT and the CT General Assembly.
  • For detailed information please view Public Act No. 23-116 Sections 10-14 and 16-18.


Citations and Fines

  • If a device detects a violation of a municipal traffic ordinance a citation may be issued.
  • The citation will be mailed to the vehicle owner’s address within 30 days after the owner’s address has been confirmed by the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • If a violation occurs within the first 30 days that the enforcement device is working the citation will result in a written warning.
  • After the enforcement device has been working for 30 days the citation can’t exceed $50 for first offense and $75 for each additional offense.
  • A fee up to $15 can be charged for electronic processing of a payment for the fine.


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