Welcome to the Department of Correction Internship Program


Provide an opportunity for interns to gain learning experience in a professional and diverse environment, which will enhance their personal and professional growth.


Promote success, professionalism, team building and respect, while creating a positive and productive relationship with the community through an internship program.

The Department of Correction is entrusted with the humane supervision of offenders and support their successful community reintegration.  The Department is like a small city within itself, with various units that can give an intern the opportunity to decide on a career.  Internships will be offered to undergraduate and graduate students during each semester (fall; winter; spring and summer) in one of the following areas:



  1. Completed Application with cover letter must be submitted by deadline dates. A transcript maybe required by the respective unit.

    Fall (September- December) by July 1; Winter/Spring (January-April) by November 1; Summer (May – August) by March 1 (Late applications will not be considered)    

  2. Intern must be a college or graduate student fulfilling an Internship Program requirement. Documentation must be provided from the course professor or academic advisor detailing the course/program requirements. The intern must be in good standing academically.

  3. Must successfully pass a background check and maintain strict confidentiality about any information obtained during their internship.

  4. Must be available for a minimum of 6-10 hours per week or as required by the school’s academic program.

  5. Completed application must be sent to the respective unit of interest.

  6. Internship Application Form
    Internship Supervisor Directory - Where to send your applications