Affirmative Action Unit

24 Wolcott Hill Road
Wethersfield, CT 06109
Phone: (860) 692-7633
Fax: (860) 692-7639

Director: Holly Darin
Affirmative Action complaints and concerns may be addressed directly to Director Darin at The Affirmative Action complaint form may be obtained here, also for viewing is Administrative Directive 2.1 (PDF, 105 KB).

In the 2019 legislative session, the Connecticut General Assembly passed and the Governor signed Public Acts 19-16 and 19-93 , which together constitute the Time’s Up Act. Please see the links below regarding the illegality of sexual harassment and the remedies available for sexual harassment:

             CHRO Sexual Harassment Written Materials
             Administrative Directive 2.2

The purpose of the Affirmative Action Unit is to ensure that the principles of Equal Employment Opportunities and Affirmative Action are an integral part of the employment and advancement of all employees of the Department of Correction.

The Affirmative Action Unit plan reinforces the Department's commitment to having a diversified workforce with equal opportunity for all. Minorities in the workforce are significantly above the average for the state government workforce.  As of August 31, 2006 the percentage of minority representation in the agency's workforce stood at 32.5%, an increase over the previous year.  The total number of female staff working for the Department stood at 25.7% of the workforce.  These statistics placed the Department of Correction among the top state agencies in terms of minority and female representation in the workforce.

This unit has continued its emphasis on training and has initiated a Diversity Initiative that includes the development of Diversity Councils at each facility and the implementation of an In-Service Diversity Training Curriculum.   The Diversity Councils provide line staff with the opportunity to share, value, appreciate and respect staff diversity.  They are also intended to foster open communication in addressing and affecting department policies which bear upon diversity issues.

 This unit is significantly involved with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, the Attorney General's Office, the African-American Affairs Commission and the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women.

Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

Affirmative Action Policy Statement