Victim Services Unit

24 Wolcott Hill Road
Wethersfield, CT 06109
Phone: 888-869-7057
Fax: (860) 692-7822

Administrator: Counselor Supervisor Ebonie Suggs

Vision Statement

The Victim Services Unit strives to be at the forefront for the empowerment of victims in the trauma healing process through the promotion of self-advocacy.

Mission Statement

The Victim Services Unit supports the mission of the Department of Correction by enhancing community safety through positive collaboration with other state agencies and venders by providing victims with timely notifications of an inmate's change of status. The Victim Services Unit is also the catalyst in allowing victims' voices to be heard during any community release considerations.

Victim Services operates a Notification Program that offers the following services:
  • Accused Status Notification Program, offers information about changes in the status on Un-Sentenced (Accused) inmates. This may include:
    • Bond out from a correctional facility
    • Discharge from Court
    • Escape
    • Return to Custody
  • The Post- Conviction Notification program offers information regarding any type of change or possible change in the status of convicted (Sentenced) inmates. This may include the following types of notifications:
    • Parole Hearing Dates
    • Any inmate initiated request, through the court, for a change to a condition of sentencing. Please review the Notice of Application form (hyperlink below) which will identify these types of reviews.
    • Notice of Application forms will only be accepted via mail – emailed or faxed forms will not be accepted. You may mail the completed Notice of Application form to:

      The Connecticut Department of Correction
      Victim Services Unit
      24 Wolcott Hill Road
      Wethersfield, CT 06109

    Notice of Application

    • Community Release reviews
      • During each review, an active registered victim will be given the opportunity to submit a Victim Impact Statement. Please see below for further explanation.
    • Community Release placements
    • End of Sentence Notifications
    • Notification for an inmate who escaped/absconded from a correctional institution or community release placement
    • Notification of inmate death
Persons who may request notification from the Connecticut Department of Correction Victim Services Unit are:
  • Crime victims
  • Parents/guardians
  • Relatives of crime victims
  • Legal representatives of crime victims
  • State's attorneys

Information regarding changes to the Risk Reduction Earned Credits (RREC) program

Letter to registered victims affected by the change to the RREC program.
Notice Regarding Court Ruling affecting RREC program.
Connecticut Statewide Automated Victim Information Notification (CT SAVIN) system:

The Office of Victim Services and Connecticut Department of Correction have collaborated with National Victim Notification Network to provide victims with an enhanced ability to receive notifications regarding an individual's journey through the criminal justice system. Through this system, any victim (past or present) or any concerned entity can receive notifications regarding proceedings within the court and correctional system. To access this service, you may utilize the information below:

Connecticut Statewide Automated Information Notification
Toll free phone: 1-866-277-7477

CT SAVIN will provide notifications in both English and Spanish via phone calls, email, and/or a TTY Device. To navigate the system, please refer to the Vinelink Reference Guide


  • When registering for an individual, there will be two (2) tabs that you can register under: OFFENDERS and OFFENDERS WITH COURT CASES . The offenders tab is to receive information from the Connecticut Department of Correction. The Offenders with court cases tab will provide you with information regarding any judicial information. If you wish to receive both types of information, you will have to register under both tabs.
  • Once an offender discharges and completes the sentence that was disseminated by the Connecticut court, unless the offender has post incarceration supervision (i.e. Probation) as a condition of his sentence AND violates that probation, you will not receive notifications for the identified individual unless you re-register for that individual if they re-enter the criminal justice system.
Victim Impact Statements:

Victims have the opportunity to submit a Victim Impact Statement upon notification that an inmate has applied for any type of early release mechanism i.e. Halfway House, Transitional Supervision, or Parole.

The victim impact statement gives any individual who is currently an active registered victim with the Connecticut Department of Correction Victim Services Unit the opportunity to submit their written expression regarding the inmates current community release review. All active registered victims with the Connecticut Department of Correction will be notified of these reviews at least fourteen (14) business days prior to a decision being finalized. Victim Impact Statements can be submitted through the mail and/or through electronic submission via the Connecticut Department of Correction Victim Services Unit email account . Any other questions regarding a victim impact statement stall be addressed directly with a Victim Services Unit representative.

In preparing a Victim Impact Statement (VIS), consider the following:
  • A victim impact statement being sent in for a Connecticut Department of Correction (CTDOC) community release review is unable to be reviewed or obtained by the inmate.
  • There are no limitations on the length of the statement provided to the Victim Services Unit, nor are statements edited for length or content. 
  • Community release reviews are generally completed promptly on the fifteenth day (15th) day after the community release review notification is initially sent out to the victim.
      • In accordance with CT General Statute §54-228, it is the victim's responsibility to ensure that they are actively registered with the Connecticut Department of Correction's Victim Services Unit for victim notifications; as well that the victim's contact information (address, telephone number, and email address) is up-to-date and accurate.
    • The Victim Services Unit is not the deciding authority on whether or not an inmate is approved or denied for community release.
    • Although statements previously provided for court proceedings or to other agencies are acceptable, it is the Victim Services Unit's request to have an updated victim impact statement for the current review being conducted.
    Recommended content to include in a Victim Impact Statement (VIS):
    • Whether the inmate should be granted participation in the CTDOC's Community Release program. 
      • If approved, for community release, what conditions of release do you feel should be imposed by authorities?
    • In what ways does the crime continue to affect you and your family?  Be specific in your description.
    • For the parent of a child victim, how has the offense affected your child's emotional and physical well-being?  How is your child doing (academically, socially) as a result?
    • Do you or your family members require or continue to receive medical services a result of the crime?
    • Has the offender (or their family or friends) attempted or made contact with you in any way?  If so, how did you fell about the contact?  What, if any, problems or resolution resulted?  Be specific in your description.
    • Is there any additional information that you feel would be helpful to the reviewing authorities in making their decision?

    Referral to Support Agencies:

    The Connecticut Department of Correction collaborates with multiple victim advocacy agencies to assist in the support of crime victims. The below mentioned victim advocacy agencies have accessible websites to provide crime victims with additional information if necessary.

    Other Links: