Parole and Community Services

24 Wolcott Hill Road
Wethersfield, CT 06109

(860) 692-6901

(Addresses, directions and telephone numbers for regional Parole and Community Services offices are listed below)


Director: Rhianna Gingras

Deputy Directors:  Netasia Jones, Kendra Herrick


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Fugitive Investigations Unit

(203) 937-2403


The Division of Parole and Community Services (P&CS) supervises and provides support services to offenders released to the community under the jurisdiction of both the Commissioner of Correction and the Board of Pardons and Paroles.  The Division is comprised of district offices located in Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, Norwich and Waterbury and the following specialized units: Residential Services, Central Intake, Special Management, Mental Health, Fugitive Investigations, DUI, Women’s Re-Entry, Support Services, and Training and Staff Development Unit.    Parole officers in each of these districts and units continually strive to enhance public safety by providing offenders opportunities to successfully re-integrate into the community and be productive, accountable members of society. 

In support of the Department's Mission/Vision Statement and the Governor’s Second Chance Society Initiative, P&CS recently updated its Mission/Vision statements.  This revision was completed after soliciting input from all P&CS employees and is listed below:     


Mission: The Division of Parole and Community Services shall provide offenders with re-entry opportunities, consistent with public safety, informed by evidenced-based assessment, supervision, and treatment strategies.  

Vision:  The Division of Parole and Community Services shall enhance public safety, reduce recidivism, and assist offenders to become law abiding members of society.

The increase in the community population was managed by building on the previous success of the existing model of supervision driven by the following well established guiding principles: 

·   Supervise and enforce conditions imposed on offenders under all forms of release.

·   Focus on successful strategies to reduce recidivism and support the reintegration of offenders  into the community by providing programs and structured activities with clearly defined behavioral expectations. 

· Strive to employ evidence-based practices, emergent technology, and innovation to ensure effective supervision, service delivery, and accountability.

·  Provide a range of social, substance abuse, and support services through contracted and noncontracted providers and in collaboration with other state, municipal, and private agencies.   

·  Enforce the provisions of the Interstate Compact Agreement for offenders from other jurisdictions in accordance with Section 54-133 of the Connecticut General Statutes.